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Extraordinary People Wisdom

Heroes one of film about extraordinary people. In this film there are many extraordinary people with one specific ability and some with many abilities. There are people that can fly, people can travel time, people can run fast, people can telekinetic, people can read mind, people with great athletic skill, people can look future, people with regeneration ability, people can vanish, people can erase mind. And even with people can mimic skill from media, people can absorb ability, people with great analytic skill, and people can heal people.

All of this is skill is the skill that people wish they had in reality in their dream. Imagine when we can fly then we can travel around world without worry. Then if we imagine that we can travel time then we can be rich if we put our money in good place. Next imagine if we can telekinetic then we can move thing free. Or imagine if we can vanish then we can go around forbidden place without seen. There are so many dream that to be good to be true and if it goes to wrong people than it will become disaster to world.

But actually in reality there are people that can heal people. If you think it’s doctor you wrong because that not people that i talk about even doctor can heal people sick. What i mean is people with extraordinary skill that can heal people like blind, deaf, and etc. I had seen this people do this miracle in GOR Ngurah Rai, even i myself still have doubt to this miracle but this skill is actually can be learned by meditated. So, i think it’s real, but what i don’t like with these people is they always bearing their religion. So they just want cure people with same religion and it’s not right i think.

So, like Uncle Ben in Spiderman says “with great power there must also come great responsibility” if you have been gifted with great ability and become Extraordinary People than you must remembered that gift for help all people not just some of them. Even not everyone is Extraordinary People but we can be Extraordinary People by doing good thing and help people around us every day. Or you can be Extraordinary People by become people in high authority like President, Governor, Etc. But you must remember what Uncle Ben says “with great power there must also come great responsibility“.

source : Heroes, Spiderman

Today History

National Blogger Day

27 October 2007 is the day that been declared as National Blogger Day by Menteri Komunikasi dan Informatika (Menkominfo) Mohammad Nuh in Pesta Blogger 2007, this event National Blogger Gathering in Blitz Megaplex, Jakarta. So, Today is exactly one year after the event, what blogger resolution for today? or more specific what is my resolution for today? Actually i just a newbie blogger that start in 8 September 2008 and it just one and half month, but actually it doesn’t matter because it’s matter is your blog is fit your reason to blog, quality your blog and your productivity in posting.

Pesta Blogger 2007
Pesta Blogger 2007

My New Resolution is i will post at least every 2 days, i will improve my English so quality of my post will be increased too, and i will try to make post that make you feel your every day is wonderful. That my resolution and we will see it comes true or not next year. Enough about me, now what your resolution?

Source : Phoenix Radio FM, Wikipedia, Detikinet

Wise Thought

Glow In The Dark Wisdom

When I’m in high school there are new trend, this trend is about everything that can glow in the dark like T-Shirt, Watch, Sticker, accessories and many other. And then time goes on and i forgot about thing that can glow in the dark. But 2 days ago i found my Glow in the dark T-Shirt and then i wore it to sleep. When i woke up early in the morning and i saw my T-Shirt is glowing then the wisdom is come to my mind.

The Wisdom is we don’t know how precious ourselves if we always compare ourselves with the other. It is like Glow in the dark thing when in the bright light then it will not show any light because it’s too busy to compare it’s own light with the other. And when there are no light then it will illuminate it’s own light because nobody to be compare and naturally it’s have potency to illuminate light. So, don’t compare yourself with the other because everyone is unique and have it’s own abilities and life.

Wild Thought

Dress Manner

People usually wearing suit to the situation or the latest outfit model. There are many reason to do that, but i will count some of the reason like to attract the opposite gender, to make them confident, to make them comfortable, to make them look good, to show off, or just to wearing the outfit. But sometimes people can make wrong choice to be wear, and they will had wrong dress code. And because I’m not a outfit designer or outfit stylish so i will not discuss about it or telling you about good outfit? or even not telling the outfit is suit for you?

When we wearing outfit sometimes we not act properly like when we use dress but not sit properly, or sometimes we not wearing outfit tidy or even sometimes we forget to buttoned our outfit. Then we will show our private garment or even our private body without knowing that like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, or Paris Hilton. And if one of our friend tell us then we will feel embarrassment, angry, or even hate them. But actually we must feel happy because if not being told then we will show it until we aware and it’s too late.

It’s more easy if the event is happen to ourselves, but if our friend or even stranger has the outfit accident then it is become more complicated. Why? of course it is because we don’t know how they will react to our warning. And if it is happen to our friend it lot’s more easier than happen to stranger or even it’s more harder when they have opposite gender. And the problem is we must tell them or just wait they aware it themselves. There no easy answer to this problem but i think it’s better to tell them before they know because it’s will be too late when they know. But for caution then before we tell them directly maybe we can give them a signal and avoid them to become embarrass. And if they not catch our signal then we must tell them directly.

It’s a ideal act but sometimes it’s hard to do that because we don’t know people mind. And maybe it will make them think us as take a chance, or even a pervert. So, if we don’t tell them then we can enjoy the view without worry to face their reaction or if we tell them then we will face their reaction and it can be good or bad reaction. Now you know the benefit and the loss then the decision is up to you. But sometimes it’s better to go out of the scene because we afraid to make the decision. Of course, the best act is to tell them directly when it happens then face their reaction without worrying the reaction.

Wise Thought

Desire Wisdom

With Desire emerge Sad, with Desire emerge Fear, Person without Desire than will not feel Fear and Sad” It’s one of Buddhist enlightenment and hard to implement in real life.

But there are an easy way to control our desire. First we must know what desire is happen when we want something, it is like when we want to eat more than we can take that it’s a greed desire. Or when we want to punch people that it’s a hate desire. After we know what desire happen then next step is think benefit of our act. If it is give you a benefit like when we buy food for extend our life or when we buy dress for cover us from heat, then just do it but not overdo it. But if it is not give you any benefit than leave it in your mind like when we buy dress for style, or even for a show then don’t do it.

Last step is knowing our ego because we tend to think our act is right or in this case give benefit if we want it. So, after you think it’s give you benefit than you must filter it with your ego. Do the act really give benefit or your ego tell that the act is give a benefit? how can we seperate it, of course no easy way to know it but deep in your feeling you know it. It is like when we want to eat in expensive place and we think it is for extend our life, but deep in your heart you know that is your ego talking then you must don’t do the act.

But what will life become if we follow it? of course it will be sad for us because nobody is perfect. This is just for your information and you can try to doing that sometimes and control your desire but if you want to follow your desire at least you aware what desire is come and give a peace in your heart.

Source : Samanera in Vihara

Wise Thought

Galileo Galilei Wisdom

Galileo Galilei is come from Tuscan. He is a physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher. One of his achievement is improvement on telescope, and make astronomical observations is better.With this new telescope Galileo Galilei prove that Copernicus is right that earth is circle around sun not the opposite. And then he publishing and because it is opposite from the church belief than the church tell him to change it but he refuse. Then he is captive in jail until he change his mind, but turn out until he died he never change his mind.

Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei

The Galileo Galilei wisdom is you must say truth is a truth no matter what people belief.

A La Carte

Wedang Tahu

Wedang Tahu a unique beverage that just available in cafe Tahu. This beverage liquid is wedang jahe that fill with slice thin layer tahu. Wedang Tahu is better to be drink when it is warm. The price is 3000 rupiah. If you have time you can try it because it is delicious and cheap. If i rating this beverages it’s 7 out of 10 when warm and it become 4 out of 10 when cool.

Wise Thought

Microbe Proverb

When i wake up this morning, then this proverb is pop up in my mind. The proverb say microbe in next side of river can be seen but elephant in front of our eyes is invisible. This proverb mean we can see other mistake but not our mistake.

Why? because we have defend mechanism that thing our act is right and other act is false. so how we must act? actually is simple we must think out act from different perspective first and if still right than just do the act, and if is false than we must correct it. But what we do if the false act is just happen? we must apologize to the people which is become the object, and try to not make same mistake twice.

What must we do if we know other mistake? actually is simple first we must looked inside us do we make a same mistake. if yes then we correct ourselves first. And if we not then we must think for their good sake. And if this is for their good sake then we must think it is handy for them. And if this is handy for them than just say to them with polite word.

This two simple way to make our life better so remember first when we want to comment other lets look inside first and second before you act look from different perspective first. that all hope you enjoy your day.


Rules to Comment

Because little accident yesterday than I Think needed some rules to Obey to make comment, because if not then it will be delete. This rule is taken from one of my friend blog and additional rule that i add.

The Twelve Rules is:

1. Clear Name
It is like when in real world it’s not ethic when we called someone with hey friend of … than called by a name. So, if you want leave your relationship you can add in comment not in name.

2. No Junk
I Think it clear, No SARA and Junk.

3. Read Before Write
Don’t make comment just to make a comment or even just to promote your product.

4. Polite
Use polite word.

5. Emoticon
To be more friendly add emoticon.

6. Contribution
Make comment that add value of the post or discussion.

7. Critics with good intention
If you needed to critic, just leave critic with good intention.

8. Ask what you don’t sure
If you don’t sure about the post topic you can ask.

9. Make Good Impression
Leave Worthy Comment or Respond From Other Comment will leave good impression.

10. Don’t Flame
If you don’t agree with my blog don’t make a rude comment because just waste energy and time. Instead you just leave, there are many blog out there.

11. Humor
Add a little Humor to your comment.

12. Leave Mark
Back regularly and become a new friend.

And if your comment not fulfill one of the rules then it depend on me to delete the comment.


Rod and Bait

I often hear people say that if we want to help people give the rod not the bait because if we give the bait then people will become lazy. But I’m not agree with that because if we just give the rod then people can’t fishing. Then what we can do to help people? First we must give the equipment that needed to fishing like rod, hook, bait, and basket. Then we need to teach how to find good fishing location, how to find good bait, how to find good fishing method. And then we need to start fishing, and wait until fish get the bait and then catch the fish.

Wait that is not way to help people, yes you right that a way to fishing. But we can illustrate from a way to fishing to a way to help people start a business. First give the equipment to fishing, let we take look from Rod that is about giving the tool to work like capital to open a new business. Then Hook that is about giving fresh money to run a new business because to run a business activity need some money, and the bait is about giving fresh money to live because people can think about business when their life needed is fulfill. And the last Basket is about giving a place to run a new business because without a place a business can’t growth.

Okay they are ready to run new business now, but it not enough to run a business then go to step 2. First know good fishing location is about finding good place to start a new business because not every place suit for a business. Second know good bait is about finding a right product in business because nowadays many similar product in market so we need very carefully to choose our product. And the last know good fishing method is about finding a right marketing plan in business because if the marketing budget is too big than business will ruin.

Now we know to start a business but without action is useless. Then we go to next step, first start fishing is about start a new business or open a business. Then wait until fish get the bait is about waiting our business to grow because when we open a business then 99% will not make profit in early stage even we will get financial loss . And the last catch the fish is about get a customer but it is not that simple it means we must make our customer become a royal customer not just a wondering customer. And Viola someday you become multinational businessman.

It’s simple way to say but in fact is hard to implement. Because business not that simple and sometimes competitor is play dirty, but that just a sight seeing to open a new business. And Hopefully when you want to help people you know what is needed to help? Have a Nice Day.