Wise Thought

Fear Wisdom

Fear, it is something that we not have guts to do, and not just we afraid of. If we not take care of fear then in long time it can be phobia, and it’s need extra effort to get rid of. Even the bravest people will have at least one fear so, it’s normal to have fear even if it is more than one fear. The reason of fear sometimes is weird, irrational, and crazy. But fear will make their act is postpone or even not done and make their life become miserable. Fear is act of our body to increase our awareness so you will be careful and avoid danger. So, It is natural to be fear but just not let fear block your success. “Brave is when you still do something that you fear most”. So be brave and reach your success.



Date is can be indicator of time of day but i mean that is appointment to met from two opposite gender. Usually we prepare the best before going to date and hope for the best. But if date is go wrong what must we do? to know answer of that we must know what we do in date, what must we prepare for date and what must we follow up after date. To prepare for date is more easy than another two phase, and you just hope it is run smoothly.

First important in date is

Wild Thought


Soulmate, everyone dream of get their soulmate and think it must be the one and the one only. So, if they get mate then they compare it with their ideal partner and if something wrong happen then they will think their partner is not their soulmate. Therefore they will try and try until they find someone that suitable enough with their ideal partner.

But until some time then they give up to find their soulmate and find someone that close enough with their soulmate and be together. Then they live with their partner but there something in their heart still searching for the soulmate and sometimes if they found someone better they will betray their partner to be together with someone they think their soulmate. So, they think their life will be happy but at the end it will be miserable.

So, lets change your mind about soulmate. Soulmate is more than one and soulmate is might be opposite with your ideal partner. Because if soulmate just one then what happen if your soulmate die before you met them, or why you can love for more than one person if your soulmate is the one. Or why at the first you have doubt about someone if soulmate is the one or what happen if you miss your chance to met your soulmate because you busy. There is so many reason why soulmate is more than one person.

So it is more likely you will have several soulmate and you will miss chance to met some of them or your soulmate will miss chance to met you. But if you find someone you feel attracted or love than that is your soulmate and you must try your hardest to be their soulmate because emotion can’t be explained but you had this feeling toward them so it must be your soulmate.

The reason the soulmate might be opposite from your ideal partner is because what happen if your soulmate ideal partner with other person and your ideal partner with your soulmate or why your ideal partner is change from time to time or why your ideal partner is like your copycat or what happen if because they change their character to be your ideal partner but you just feel empty from their heart.

So it is more likely you will find some of great character from your soulmate that improve your character, and you will improve your soulmate character by your character. And it is not always character that you think your ideal partner must had before met you but this is will always make you and your soulmate character growth. Because i think ideal partner will always make their character and their partner character growth.

So, what you waiting for? go find your soulmates out there and don’t doubt about them because you will not know it is until you try. Happy hunting your soulmates.


Sri Mulyani Indrawati

Sri Mulyani Indrawati, is one of the best government people in Indonesia. She make economy in Indonesia going into good direction. Indonesia now is better than before cause now if the rules is followed then it make people in the finances hard to mess up with system. But because of that some of the people feel like trap and want to get the freedom. And then they going into politic and try to beat down Sri Mulyani Indrawati to get their freedom again.

So they playing around with Century, RAPBN, Whistle Blow in tax officer to beat down Sri Mulyani Indrawati. In their defense about their act is because they want justice for people but that is not true they just want their freedom back. Cause so many of them then they playing around with news and laws to beat down Sri Mulyani Indrawati and make her life become hard to implement more good rules in finances. In my defense about Sri Mulyani Indrawati even if she guilt to let Century happen, we must not look through that way because it is just a dot black ink in the ocean, so why bother if Indonesia just loss little than it should be if finance become mess up. Every one make mistake because they just Human.

Then come offer from World Bank to Sri Mulyani Indrawati to become managing director and she took the job. So, Indonesia will lose it’s best men again and they will win then Indonesia going down. Hope it is not going down into ravine but just into hill. It’s will be Indonesia loss no matter what act that Sri Mulyani Indrawati take because if she not take the job then she can’t going further to make Indonesia better. And if she take the job then economic in Indonesia fall.

It’s because she being cornered then it is time to fight back so no matter what act she take then Indonesia in loss. Congratulation for Sri Mulyani Indrawati for new job, hope Indonesia name will shine in the world. And then Indonesia ready to take back it’s best people. Last word, it just opinion and one sided think from me without fact so if you not agreed just keep in your heart, because i just want to cry about Indonesia loss and tell my opinion why Indonesia must cry too.