10000 Hour To Mastering Skill

Every time we see and hear something which is great skill, then we will usually say we hope to have that skill. But down in our heart we think we don’t have talent for that skill, or maybe we think if we can’t have it even we try hard or maybe we think is too hard for us to learn it or maybe that skill just not for us cause everybody have their own unique skill. And many other maybe just to make excuse to make our heart feeling better if we don’t have that skill.

Okay you must accept in your heart maybe we don’t have talent for that skill, but from research recently i hear that we can mastering any skill if we practice with full heart and spend 10000 hour even if we not talented. Yes, it is not fair if talented people can mastering skill less than 10000 hour but as you know we don’t have talent in every skill. So now you know secret to mastering any skill and can have any skill you like if you try to practice 10000 hour.

Now, don’t feel down or loss hope if we don’t have skill that we always dream, just practice until 10000 hour. Of course what i mean by with full heart is you concentrate hard to learn that skill and trying your best to improve that skill. So if isn’t with full heart that not count as hour you spend to have the skill. So if you spend 2 hour a days to practice then less than 14 year you can have that skill or if you spend 6 hour a days to practice less than 5 year you can have that skill.

And now you know your practice will be paid after 10000 hour and you can feel energetic as time goes and don’t lose hope even if it not show any result. So let get any skill you want and enjoy your time in practice

source : hearing from radio

Wise Thought

Hamster Wisdom

Hamster is little cute animal. Many ladies or girl love to pet this animal. They often give this animal running wheel and the hamster love to exercise in this item. The wisdom is coming from this habit, and inspire many people but recently i aware in Dhamma sermon.
The wisdom is very simple “Just Life in the moment(present)“. It’s like Hamster habit when running in running wheel, the hamster always look what situation happen at the time. If the hamster fill the wheel too fast, then the hamster slowly decrease the speed or if the wheel too slow then the hamster slowly increase the speed or just running if the speed is correct.
Because the Hamster know if it look back then it will fall, or if it look to future then it will fall too. So, the Hamster look at the moment to avoid falling. Or in another word if we always stick too at the moment, then we will always life at fullest.

So, don’t forget “Just Life in the moment”. If the Hamster known, why we don’t believe it.

Dhamma sermon


Happy Waesak 2553 / 2009

Hello everyone i want to congratulation Happy Waesak 2553 / 2009 to people who celebrate. Hope Buddha affection always with you, Dhamma Protection always with you, and Sangha Guidance always with you.


Mybrute all you need to know

Hello reader,
lately when i bored in office then i get mybrute game from my friend. To play this game is very easy, just fight another brute to join and if you want to make your brute just for you then you can provide password for your brute. To make first fight you must provide a name and then Validate to initiate the fight. You must choose name wisely cause your brute stat came from a name.

Every brute start at level 1 and have unique combination skill, stat, weapon and pet. Stat is divided to Strength, Agility, and Speed. Strength is used for damage dealt to enemy, Agility is used for chance to avoid attack, and Speed is speed.

To leveling up we must get experience from fighting with other brute, or have a pupil from other unique IP and also get experience when our pupil leveling up. When leveling up we get random stat which is can be skill, stat or pet. Everyday we just get chance to fight 3 times and not cumulative, but when first join we get 6 times. Also you can enter tournament every day to test your brute but you can’t join tournament two days in a row.

Weapon is very variety from low damage to high damage, from one hit in a turn or many hits in a turn, from often miss to always hit, from short length to long length. And a weapon is a balance combination from all attribute.

Pet just 3 kind, dog, panther, and bear. Every pet has 3 type A,B, and C. The type is define how many time pet hits in a turn, how often pet attack, and how often they hit successful. Dog has the lowest hp, lowest attack but has highest speed, panther has middle hp, middle attack and middle speed, and bear has highest hp, highest attack, and slowest attack.

It’s better to get pet early to win the fight and every master have greater chance to give skill to their pupil so choose master carefully. There are rumors to get bear you must descendant from master that had wolf which is the wolf master must descendant from master that had dog.

Also there are rumors to name your brute with 3 different vowel and 3 number to get a pet. And there are many rumors that to get a pet must fight people with pet. I don’t know which is true or not but it just game to waste time, so let’s get fun.

And for your information, this is skill list from upper left to lower right in your brute skill table:
Herculean Strength –> Boost Strength
Feline Agility –> Boost Agility
Bolt of Lightening –> Boost Speed
Vitality –> Boost Vitality
Mortality –> Boost Slightly Vitality
Master Of Arms –> Boost Light Weapon Feat
Martial Arts –> Boost Fighting Skill
6Th Sense –> Boost Chance to Resist Trick
Pugnacious –> Boost Counter Attack
Tornado of blows –> Boost Hit Feat
Shield –> Boost Block
Armour –> Boost Slightly Defense
Extra-thick Skin –> Boost Defense
Untouchable –> Boost Parry
Sabotage –> Destroy a weapon when land successful hit
Impact –> Knock a weapon when land successful hit
Strong Arm –> Boost Heavy Weapon Feast
Implacable –> Boost Slightly Hit Chance
Survival –> Mortal Blow make life become 1
Thief –> Steal a weapon
Fierce Brute –> Boost Stats in a turn
Tragic Potion –> Increase Health once when Hp Low
Net –> Stop Movement until being hit
Bomb –> Throw a bomb in fight
Hammer –> Catch enemy and dropped from tall area
Cry of the Damned –> Fear enemy Pet
Hypnosis –> Charm enemy Pet
Deluge –> Increase Weapon Feat