Rod and Bait

I often hear people say that if we want to help people give the rod not the bait because if we give the bait then people will become lazy. But I’m not agree with that because if we just give the rod then people can’t fishing. Then what we can do to help people? First we must give the equipment that needed to fishing like rod, hook, bait, and basket. Then we need to teach how to find good fishing location, how to find good bait, how to find good fishing method. And then we need to start fishing, and wait until fish get the bait and then catch the fish.

Wait that is not way to help people, yes you right that a way to fishing. But we can illustrate from a way to fishing to a way to help people start a business. First give the equipment to fishing, let we take look from Rod that is about giving the tool to work like capital to open a new business. Then Hook that is about giving fresh money to run a new business because to run a business activity need some money, and the bait is about giving fresh money to live because people can think about business when their life needed is fulfill. And the last Basket is about giving a place to run a new business because without a place a business can’t growth.

Okay they are ready to run new business now, but it not enough to run a business then go to step 2. First know good fishing location is about finding good place to start a new business because not every place suit for a business. Second know good bait is about finding a right product in business because nowadays many similar product in market so we need very carefully to choose our product. And the last know good fishing method is about finding a right marketing plan in business because if the marketing budget is too big than business will ruin.

Now we know to start a business but without action is useless. Then we go to next step, first start fishing is about start a new business or open a business. Then wait until fish get the bait is about waiting our business to grow because when we open a business then 99% will not make profit in early stage even we will get financial loss . And the last catch the fish is about get a customer but it is not that simple it means we must make our customer become a royal customer not just a wondering customer. And Viola someday you become multinational businessman.

It’s simple way to say but in fact is hard to implement. Because business not that simple and sometimes competitor is play dirty, but that just a sight seeing to open a new business. And Hopefully when you want to help people you know what is needed to help? Have a Nice Day.