Water Spinach

In old times, we can sell without marketing, we can be the first, we can easily lead the market. Now if we open new type of business then will follow by other quickly, we must marketing our business smart to lead the market, or we can just copycat other business and make it to be better business. So the question is Why become more harder to do business? It is because population of people growth every second but the land is fixed, and people have tendency going to crowded place, and avoiding go to quiet place. So, population density is more higher in crowded place, more lower in quiet place, and make distribution of population density is odd. Because more people mean more competitive, and less people mean less customer so that make business more harder. That make World is competitive and become more competitive by time flows second by second. So, people is become more harder to find money, and even it will become more hard just to have enough money to live.

But there is people that will be more creative when problem came and have a solution in this competitive world. And they shared this formula with other because they think shared something is never be loss. One of the people that have a smart solution to overcome problem just by planting organic Water Spinach. First, they separate their 20 are field into 20 part, because water spinach have planting time around 18-20days, and just need enough water to grow. In first day they just planting on first part, then on second days they planting on second part, continue until on 20 days they planting on the last part. So, when they planting on the last part they can sell the first part on market. Because organic vegetable have high value on the market, they can get 1 million rupiah just by sell from first part of Water Spinach. And with that money they can start to plant on first part, and use the rest that for live cost and live free from money problem.

That not just all the story, they even shared the solution with scavengers in win win term, they just need to come to the field just for 2 hour/day to watering the Water Spinach and will get the money collected by 50-50. So, the scavengers will have more money and the smart people no need to worry forgot to watering the plant. Which is by doing this, they can save the money, pay their live cost and the scavengers feel the advance just by watering 2 hour/day. So, eventually they will follow this step on their hometown to get more money. And by doing this the smart people kill two bird with one stone, which is population density is will become more even, and economy problem will disappear.

So why worry about competitive world, just think smart and overcome of problem. You too can overcome your money problem by doing this, or even is more better if you have another smart solution and shared it with us. Because shared is never be loss. Happy trying and sharing.

source: Subali Meetup V3, 21 May 2011


Guide to Happy Live

When i went to Gramedia last week, I read Chicken Soup For the Single’s Soul. And like usual story in Chicken Soup is very touching, and time is passed like a light. Then i found a story about 6 things to do a day, this story is very good. I don’t even know it is against copyright to be told in my blog, but because the tips is very good i will told it again based on my memory.

The tips is actually is simple but useful and some of the tips actually i do it in my life but not in a day but in a week. The tips is:

1.  do something for yourself

This tips is about giving time to do something you like in your day, and it could be just eating food or listening song or even something simple just blinking eye if you like. Although it’s okay if you want to something complex if you have time. The important thing about this tips is you love or like to do this.

2.  do something for other

This tips it’s about to help people in need in your day. it’s important to help people in need, not just help people. Because when see other person happy then our feeling became happy too. To help people didn’t need to be spend much money or much time, it can be just carried other luggage, or just take our neighbor to office if it one way to our office, or just say hello to people. The important thing about this tips is to help people you can help.

3. exercise your body

This tips is obvious just do sport in your day. It could be just cycling to your office or aerobic in the morning, or just take stair not elevator in office. Although it’s okay if you spare your time to join sport club, and do exercise routine in a week. The important thing about this tips is make your body move.

4. exercise your mind

This tips is about using your brain to do exercise, and maybe it’s not usual thing you do in your life. It could be do Sudoku Puzzle, Chess, Cross Word or even try to remember your activity in a day. Although it’s okay if you play strategic game or puzzle game, cause it will stimulate your brain. The important thing about this tips is make your mind think.

5. do something you don’t like but you need

This is the hardest tips cause this tips various for people depend or their Laziness, and how lazy they are, and it can be because their fearness, and how fear they are. It can be just say hello to people if you need to be more socialize (fear), or it can be to make your room tidy if your room is to dirty and crowded (Lazy), or it can just to wash your hair if you don’t have time (Lazy) or it can be doing dance if you interested but you too busy (fear). The important thing about this tips is you need this but you fear or lazy then you not doing that.

6. Be Grateful for today

This tips easier than other tips but people will likely to forget it. It can be just be grateful before you sleep, or you can be grateful all day. Although you can express your grateful by pray before you sleep or even you can pray before you do something. The important thing about this tips is you must feel thankful to god for your life today no matter what situation you handle cause you realize there something behind what happen to you today.

Okay then happy weekend.

source : Chicken Soup for the Single’ Soul


Rod and Bait

I often hear people say that if we want to help people give the rod not the bait because if we give the bait then people will become lazy. But I’m not agree with that because if we just give the rod then people can’t fishing. Then what we can do to help people? First we must give the equipment that needed to fishing like rod, hook, bait, and basket. Then we need to teach how to find good fishing location, how to find good bait, how to find good fishing method. And then we need to start fishing, and wait until fish get the bait and then catch the fish.

Wait that is not way to help people, yes you right that a way to fishing. But we can illustrate from a way to fishing to a way to help people start a business. First give the equipment to fishing, let we take look from Rod that is about giving the tool to work like capital to open a new business. Then Hook that is about giving fresh money to run a new business because to run a business activity need some money, and the bait is about giving fresh money to live because people can think about business when their life needed is fulfill. And the last Basket is about giving a place to run a new business because without a place a business can’t growth.

Okay they are ready to run new business now, but it not enough to run a business then go to step 2. First know good fishing location is about finding good place to start a new business because not every place suit for a business. Second know good bait is about finding a right product in business because nowadays many similar product in market so we need very carefully to choose our product. And the last know good fishing method is about finding a right marketing plan in business because if the marketing budget is too big than business will ruin.

Now we know to start a business but without action is useless. Then we go to next step, first start fishing is about start a new business or open a business. Then wait until fish get the bait is about waiting our business to grow because when we open a business then 99% will not make profit in early stage even we will get financial loss . And the last catch the fish is about get a customer but it is not that simple it means we must make our customer become a royal customer not just a wondering customer. And Viola someday you become multinational businessman.

It’s simple way to say but in fact is hard to implement. Because business not that simple and sometimes competitor is play dirty, but that just a sight seeing to open a new business. And Hopefully when you want to help people you know what is needed to help? Have a Nice Day.