Tagline Changed

Dear Readers,

Now i change the tag-line of my blog from Daily Wisdom to Happiness into Deni Perspective of World. This change is needed because i think my blog is topic now change from what i plan before(deliver a wisdom every day to make everyone light up their day). And i thinks this new tag-line is suitable for now. Because:
– sometimes about wisdom is come from my perspective,
– sometimes about my wildness mind,
– sometimes about interesting thing in my life,
– sometimes about new stuff that i find interesting,
– sometimes about tips that i found useful.
But I hope i still can live up your day even though i not every day make post and it is not always about wisdom. So i hope you enjoy it.
Thanks for reading my blog.

A La Carte


The most famous ribs in Bali is in Nuri’s Cafe. The ribs in Nuri’s cafe is delicious but it’s expensive and far from Denpasar. And if you want to find another delicious and near Denpasar, then you can go to Renon in the back of STIKOM Bali, there is Warung Taman. The Ribs is filled with vegetables and potato. The Ribs is filled with delicious sauce, although if you find it not delicious enough there is another sauce to complete the flavor and it’s little spicy. The vegetables and potato is plain so i suggest to fill it with the sauce. The price is just 35000 rupiah. If i rate this food then definitely it’s 7 out of 10 but if just the ribs then definitely it’s 8.5 out of 10.

Wise Thought

Glasses Wisdom

Glasses can be just plain glasses, sun glasses or reading glasses. Glasses usually uses to aid for see better, it can be minus, plus , cylinder, or combine of that. But glasses can be used for cover your eyes from sun or for mode.

It started one month ago when i look into my brother laptop, and i can’t read the font in the screen. So, i think something wrong and it is my glasses because it is full of scratch. And then after that i’m always bothered by my glasses so i decided to have a new glasses. Two week ago, i have new glasses and make my point of view change. And then my head is popped up a wisdom about glasses so i called it glasses wisdom. Even though not everyone use glasses but in this case glasses is just metaphor of our point of view.

This wisdom is