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Desire Wisdom

With Desire emerge Sad, with Desire emerge Fear, Person without Desire than will not feel Fear and Sad” It’s one of Buddhist enlightenment and hard to implement in real life.

But there are an easy way to control our desire. First we must know what desire is happen when we want something, it is like when we want to eat more than we can take that it’s a greed desire. Or when we want to punch people that it’s a hate desire. After we know what desire happen then next step is think benefit of our act. If it is give you a benefit like when we buy food for extend our life or when we buy dress for cover us from heat, then just do it but not overdo it. But if it is not give you any benefit than leave it in your mind like when we buy dress for style, or even for a show then don’t do it.

Last step is knowing our ego because we tend to think our act is right or in this case give benefit if we want it. So, after you think it’s give you benefit than you must filter it with your ego. Do the act really give benefit or your ego tell that the act is give a benefit? how can we seperate it, of course no easy way to know it but deep in your feeling you know it. It is like when we want to eat in expensive place and we think it is for extend our life, but deep in your heart you know that is your ego talking then you must don’t do the act.

But what will life become if we follow it? of course it will be sad for us because nobody is perfect. This is just for your information and you can try to doing that sometimes and control your desire but if you want to follow your desire at least you aware what desire is come and give a peace in your heart.

Source : Samanera in Vihara

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