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Erma, snapshot of real angel in Lotus

Erma? who is her? she is someone which one own motorbike that i crashed.  So, what is so special about her? To know how special she is, let’s get to know the story first.

It begin when i finished eating es cream in Lotus with friends and started to move my car out of parking lot. Then I’m going to move backward in purpose to make space for going out from park, then i crash into someone motorbike. And the motorbike is fall down, then the security guys tell me to stop, even tough i had stopped. And i walk out from my car to checked the motorbike, it looks little scratched and no minor damage other then that.

So, i intended to going home, but one of the security guys told me to wait because he said that he want to call the owner. So, i tell okay and say let’s me park the car first, the security guy agreed with worry. Then i wait and make a little chit chat with the security guy that left in parking lot. Not so long after, the owner came up.