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Microbe Proverb

When i wake up this morning, then this proverb is pop up in my mind. The proverb say microbe in next side of river can be seen but elephant in front of our eyes is invisible. This proverb mean we can see other mistake but not our mistake.

Why? because we have defend mechanism that thing our act is right and other act is false. so how we must act? actually is simple we must think out act from different perspective first and if still right than just do the act, and if is false than we must correct it. But what we do if the false act is just happen? we must apologize to the people which is become the object, and try to not make same mistake twice.

What must we do if we know other mistake? actually is simple first we must looked inside us do we make a same mistake. if yes then we correct ourselves first. And if we not then we must think for their good sake. And if this is for their good sake then we must think it is handy for them. And if this is handy for them than just say to them with polite word.

This two simple way to make our life better so remember first when we want to comment other lets look inside first and second before you act look from different perspective first. that all hope you enjoy your day.

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I need to remember this to correct myself first. It is a good thing to do. I will take so much time correcting myself that I won’t have time to see the fault in someone else.Thanks Deni


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