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National Blogger Day

27 October 2007 is the day that been declared as National Blogger Day by Menteri Komunikasi dan Informatika (Menkominfo) Mohammad Nuh in Pesta Blogger 2007, this event National Blogger Gathering in Blitz Megaplex, Jakarta. So, Today is exactly one year after the event, what blogger resolution for today? or more specific what is my resolution for today? Actually i just a newbie blogger that start in 8 September 2008 and it just one and half month, but actually it doesn’t matter because it’s matter is your blog is fit your reason to blog, quality your blog and your productivity in posting.

Pesta Blogger 2007
Pesta Blogger 2007

My New Resolution is i will post at least every 2 days, i will improve my English so quality of my post will be increased too, and i will try to make post that make you feel your every day is wonderful. That my resolution and we will see it comes true or not next year. Enough about me, now what your resolution?

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I missed national blogger day. I have made a resolution that I will read your blog more like check it every day to see what you’ve written. It’s important. I got too busy this week. I will be leaving more comments. Have a good weekend and be safe!

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