Wild Thought


There is rumor that doomsday start on 21 May 2011, 6 pm(USA time) by Harold Camping. They claim on 21 may there will be earthquake and 200 million people will be saved and go to heaven. Other people that left will be feel doomsday and suffer for 5 month until total doomsday on 21 October 2011. This event is very funny because there is many prediction come and people believe it, even worse they sell all their belonging. I think it is because people afraid to uncertainty come of death and find it pleasure to know when they death.

They not ready to death because they not prepared their heart and mind. To prepare your heart for death just tell what you feel to people your love, do what you like to try, avoid thing you don’t like to try and life to fullest of your passion. So your heart will not left any regret for not doing thing or doing thing you don’t like.

To prepare your mind for death just do good deed and avoid bad deed, so you can dead anytime if you know for sure you will go to better place at least, if you not go to heaven. So, if you already prepare your heart and mind then you will not panicked when it happen and just enjoy your time before “Doomsday” come. So just enjoy our last hour if doomsday is come because we already prepared, Happy Doomsday 🙂

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