REIN: The Rejuvenator

There will be new movie from L Johnverrell in the spring 2010. This movie is about new religion that famous in era of Socrates in the Peloponnesian war. In that era there are a philosopher called George Alexander Curante, one of the cult in Athens. In this cult George had 2 right hand Robert and Regina. And someday one of his disciple rebel against him and open new cult. Then George and his disciple fought in front of the divided congregation and George was killed. Then Robert and Regina buried him in the Eridanus river.

And then in the night Robert and Regina found out that George is revive again by Karma and Called as Rein. Rein is a rejuvenator of soul that believe that soul can be sleep or move on. And Robert and Regina become the keeper of soul. And the get new name from Karma called Sam and Sara. And then the traitor is die and come time for congregation. And Rein ask him Do you wish to sleep or live again? and the traitor answer I will always be a believer and my soul will never rest. And the traitor soul is revive for thousands of years.

In 2008, Rein came to Karma to ask for his soul to rest. They both agreed to chose a new rejuvenator of souls. They considered hundreds of souls before deciding to return to 1975 for Vietnam veteran Frank Alston. Is the Frank is successful to become the successor of Rein? Just watch the movie to find out.


Donkey Brigde

In Christmas night, i watch Kick Andy. The show tell about children that have amazing ability with theme “Tunas-Tunas Harapan Bangsa”. And one of the children from Bali have ability that can remember card order from 1 to 52, can remember many numbers in one minute. So the host surprise and asked what the secret. The child say it just like story and symbolize the Number and Symbol in thing like two is duck, or the shovel is fire. The host responded it make harder because we need to remember the symbol.

Then this trick from childhood called Donkey Bridge is pop out into my head. This trick actually i think that the child talk. It is simple to remember thing we can make word or acronym from all the sentence. Example to remember order of rainbow is “me ji ku hi bi ni u” –> Merah(Red), Jingga(Orange), Kuning(Yellow), Hijau(Green), Biru(Blue), Nila(Nila), Ungu(Purple). So if you need to remember order of something you can make your own Donkey Bridge.

source: various source

Motivation Thought

6 Hand Shake Away

Sunday night after I’m went On-on(cross country hiking) then I’m watch Golden Ways from Metro TV. The presenter is Ully Herdinansyah, the motivator is Mario Teguh and the theme is “Jadinya Aku, Terserah Aku”. This show is actually very inspiring, but the most inspiring moment for me is when the Mario Teguh tell about 6 Hand Shake Away.

This is parable is about we can talk face to face anyone around the world max 6 hand shake. Example: you want to talk with britney spears. first from backward you need to know her manager, then you must know journalist or artist management that know or friend with the manager. Then you must know people that involved with journalist or that artist management. Last you must know people that know people that involved.

So how we find that people know that people that involved? you will find it if you really want to talk face to face with the people even though it can be more shorter if you find the manager first but that just for entertainer. Okay so what is the lesson? Don’t afraid to have dream met someone because you just need to find 6 right people before met them. I just hope that work for find the right one in love, just wait to met 6 right people before actually met the right one. 🙂

source : Mario Teguh

Wise Thought

Frog Wisdom

Frog is some of the special animal because can live in 2 world, land and water. This animal have many color actually in wild live but in picture just in green color. This animal eat bugs and that why programmer must love them. To move to another place they just jump forward although they actually can jump vertical too. They also famous in fairy tale as a beautiful princess but there is joke about them also as a talking frog.

Okay, lets the story begin there is competition for frog to reach the top of tower that very high to become king of the frog. And many frog that participated in that competition. And every floor is up then fewer frog that reach the floor because they feel tired and the audience shout you can’t do it. And the participant going up and up. Until last floor and there is left two frogs that compete to the top but they all is very exhausted and think it’s end. And now the audience shout more loudly and tell that impossible to do it or they die. Then one frog think maybe i must trust them because live is better then die because trying to be king. And then that frog is stopped to move and rest. But the other frog even look very tired try and always try to reach the top inch by inch. And then finally it’s reach the top. And audience proud of the frog and ask why you not lose hope and stopped. It can’t hear them of course because it’s deaf.

So, wisdom of story is “Try your best and don’t let your spirit down just because people tell that impossible for you” because when you lost your spirit then you lose.

source: i change a bit story i hear from various source