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Happy Easter

Easter is the day to celebrated when Jesus is rise from dead, which is make the believer to be more faithful with Jesus and non believer to have a faith with Jesus. But in other meaning, the believer itself is not a believer about something that taught by Jesus. Let not talk about religion, but let see that in other perspective.


Who is more brave between people who do not have any fear or the people  that is in fear that try to help people on their fear?

Who is more enjoy something between people that just do what their best at or the people that trying to do what their worst at to make it better?

Who is mature person between people that complain about some problem or people who just do something to fix the problem


If you think that is an easy choice, think again are you really what you choice.  People like to think they can live freely but without their awareness they constrain themselves with social culture, other people think,  their fear, or even their likeness. That is because, there is always some line people draw between their action and their belief  to avoid shame, uneasiness, weird, or worst to take advantage.

Happy Easter to People Who Celebrate and for all just free yourselves from your limit.