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Galileo Galilei Wisdom

Galileo Galilei is come from Tuscan. He is a physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher. One of his achievement is improvement on telescope, and make astronomical observations is better.With this new telescope Galileo Galilei prove that Copernicus is right that earth is circle around sun not the opposite. And then he publishing and because it is opposite from the church belief than the church tell him to change it but he refuse. Then he is captive in jail until he change his mind, but turn out until he died he never change his mind.

Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei

The Galileo Galilei wisdom is you must say truth is a truth no matter what people belief.

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@fajar i’m trying to always say the truth but sometimes when i can’t then i just smile, how about you?. no i think the truth must be tell because soon or later we will discover the truth.

@Charlotte Yes you right truth is require courage because not easy to tell truth, especially when we talk to authority. Thanks for study more maybe you can give another sight of Galileo, please tell me.

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