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Happy Birthday

It is been long time before i posted something, so hello all readers. Today is my birthday, and it is been exciting journey until today. If i looked back 1 year before, definitely there is many happy days, and the most exciting day is happen in last year Halloween. This day is when i have relationship with girl of my dream, and it make my days ahead full of happy days. Yes Love is just not enough, and relationship is hard but i try my best and in the process become more mature. Another exciting day is happen on seventh of June where i had my first dream car after waiting for 4 month. Yes Car is not investment, and make me in debt, but it also make me try my best to get extra money and in the process i realize my deepest dream. And another exciting day is happen on June too where i tried to make my deepest dream come true, making my own game. Yes making game is not one man show, and make me frustrated, but  it also make me find the easy game console developing program and in the process to make my own game. And another exciting day is happen on my birthday this year is president election day and everyone is looked like celebrating my birthday because it became public holiday, what a great day, but remember guys choose your best because Indonesia fate for 5 year ahead is decided in this day. There is so many exciting and happy day before my birthday, but just this day that i will shared with all you reader. So, great year has been achieved, and i hope for success,  happy, and great year for next year. Happy Birthday Myself.