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Garbage Man Story

Long time ago in one street called Wijaya Kusuma there was a problem. The problem is garbage is every where and air is become smelled stink. It happened cause the garbage man from government is came just every Saturday even sometimes it become 2 week and even worse 3 week. So people that live there feel it very annoying and the decide to make meeting about this problem.

And the meeting is held and it resulted that they must have their own garbage man. So they need too have a garbage car first, and then they collect money to buy the car. And the time passed for 6 month and the money is enough to buy garbage car. So, they held meeting again to choose a garbage man and suddenly someone volunteer and chosen as a garbage man. And the meeting resulted since next week they will have their own garbage man and the garbage will be taken every day.

And the next week is came and the garbage man is on duty. The first week is very hard cause garbage is every where but slowly the garbage is decreased. And then finally on the second week the garbage mountain is cleaned and just garbage from today. And people live lively again but they forgot it is because of the hard work from garbage man.

The day passed one by one and the garbage man is still working. In the night to clean the garbage silently then throw the garbage in TPA (place is used for collecting garbage to be processed). After finish throw the garbage the garbage man is always clean the garbage car in late night, and keep the car clean and tidy like a new car. And the garbage always do this routine with enthusiastic and never miss a day even people never thanks him cause it will make garbage mountain again.

One day i realized that the garbage man hard work, determination, and consistency in work. And i learned that “to overcome problem we need hard work, determination and consistency“. So, i post it to say thanks for garbage man hard work, even though is not enough to express thanks you. And hope every one can learn too from this garbage man. Happy Weekend.


Theme Changed

Dear Reader,

Today I change my blog theme, please give your suggestion, critic, and comment about this new theme. And reason why my theme change cause my blog need a new look and now is the right time to change. Happy read and before i forgot HapPy April Mop.

*edited 3 April 2009

Just FYI from today there are new feature in my blog, quotes of the day, hope you enjoy.