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Dress Manner

People usually wearing suit to the situation or the latest outfit model. There are many reason to do that, but i will count some of the reason like to attract the opposite gender, to make them confident, to make them comfortable, to make them look good, to show off, or just to wearing the outfit. But sometimes people can make wrong choice to be wear, and they will had wrong dress code. And because I’m not a outfit designer or outfit stylish so i will not discuss about it or telling you about good outfit? or even not telling the outfit is suit for you?

When we wearing outfit sometimes we not act properly like when we use dress but not sit properly, or sometimes we not wearing outfit tidy or even sometimes we forget to buttoned our outfit. Then we will show our private garment or even our private body without knowing that like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, or Paris Hilton. And if one of our friend tell us then we will feel embarrassment, angry, or even hate them. But actually we must feel happy because if not being told then we will show it until we aware and it’s too late.

It’s more easy if the event is happen to ourselves, but if our friend or even stranger has the outfit accident then it is become more complicated. Why? of course it is because we don’t know how they will react to our warning. And if it is happen to our friend it lot’s more easier than happen to stranger or even it’s more harder when they have opposite gender. And the problem is we must tell them or just wait they aware it themselves. There no easy answer to this problem but i think it’s better to tell them before they know because it’s will be too late when they know. But for caution then before we tell them directly maybe we can give them a signal and avoid them to become embarrass. And if they not catch our signal then we must tell them directly.

It’s a ideal act but sometimes it’s hard to do that because we don’t know people mind. And maybe it will make them think us as take a chance, or even a pervert. So, if we don’t tell them then we can enjoy the view without worry to face their reaction or if we tell them then we will face their reaction and it can be good or bad reaction. Now you know the benefit and the loss then the decision is up to you. But sometimes it’s better to go out of the scene because we afraid to make the decision. Of course, the best act is to tell them directly when it happens then face their reaction without worrying the reaction.

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