The Noticer

In The Noticer by Andy Andrews, it tell about 4 different kind of dialect of love that represent by animal:

1. Canary

People with this kind of love need quality time with their mate, need to be listen detail of their day, dream and concern. In short, a canary type people says, “Just be with me”.

2. Cat

People with this kind of love need physical contact with their spouse, as simple as pat on the back, hug or kiss. In short, a cat type people says, “Touch me”.

3. Puppy Dog

People with this kind of love need spoken word of approval, as simple as praise, agree with decision, and please avoid using disapproval. In short puppy dog people says, “Agree with me”.

4. Goldfish

People with this kind of love need favor and deeds, they feel loved when you doing something for them. In short goldfish people says, “Service me”.

Most of time people learn dialect type of love from their parent.People tend to express love in the same way they want to get the love, and it will let to disaster if different type people going together. People will have combination of several type of dialect but usually they have one major dialect type, and one minor dialect type, like puppy and cat, goldfish and puppy, etc. So what your dialect of love?


Source: The Noticer By Andy Andrews