The most famous ribs in Bali is in Nuri’s Cafe. The ribs in Nuri’s cafe is delicious but it’s expensive and far from Denpasar. And if you want to find another delicious and near Denpasar, then you can go to Renon in the back of STIKOM Bali, there is Warung Taman. The Ribs is filled with vegetables and potato. The Ribs is filled with delicious sauce, although if you find it not delicious enough there is another sauce to complete the flavor and it’s little spicy. The vegetables and potato is plain so i suggest to fill it with the sauce. The price is just 35000 rupiah. If i rate this food then definitely it’s 7 out of 10 but if just the ribs then definitely it’s 8.5 out of 10.

Wedang Tahu

Wedang Tahu a unique beverage that just available in cafe Tahu. This beverage liquid is wedang jahe that fill with slice thin layer tahu. Wedang Tahu is better to be drink when it is warm. The price is 3000 rupiah. If you have time you can try it because it is delicious and cheap. If i rating this beverages it’s 7 out of 10 when warm and it become 4 out of 10 when cool.