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Happy Birthday

It is been long time before i posted something, so hello all readers. Today is my birthday, and it is been exciting journey until today. If i looked back 1 year before, definitely there is many happy days, and the most exciting day is happen in last year Halloween. This day is when i have relationship with girl of my dream, and it make my days ahead full of happy days. Yes Love is just not enough, and relationship is hard but i try my best and in the process become more mature. Another exciting day is happen on seventh of June where i had my first dream car after waiting for 4 month. Yes Car is not investment, and make me in debt, but it also make me try my best to get extra money and in the process i realize my deepest dream. And another exciting day is happen on June too where i tried to make my deepest dream come true, making my own game. Yes making game is not one man show, and make me frustrated, but  it also make me find the easy game console developing program and in the process to make my own game. And another exciting day is happen on my birthday this year is president election day and everyone is looked like celebrating my birthday because it became public holiday, what a great day, but remember guys choose your best because Indonesia fate for 5 year ahead is decided in this day. There is so many exciting and happy day before my birthday, but just this day that i will shared with all you reader. So, great year has been achieved, and i hope for success,  happy, and great year for next year. Happy Birthday Myself.


Don Miguel’s agreements

I had read on the my friend fb post about Don Miguel’s agreements, and think it is good to be spread. Don Miguel’s 4 agreements :

1. Be Impeccable With Your Word:

Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally:

Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

3. Don’t Make Assumptions:

Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness, and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

4. Always Do Your Best:

Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.

source : facebook



On 25-27 November 2013 there is world culture forum. This event is festival film from around the world, to promote culture from other country and had been postpone for 30 years. On the second day, i watch movie called Vizontele, although i actually want to watch Fukushima Hulla Girl because i don’t know the schedule has been changed.

This film is started in the turkey area, with Emin, the enginer take a bath on outside his house and being bullied by people. And the scene continue with son of the mayor in the village going to participate in war as soldier. Then the Mayor get news that governor sent vizontele to the village, which they are waiting for so long. But the mayor itself actually don’t know what is vizontele and called it radio with picture in it. And it goes on with people on the village look at cinema, with they already look the same film several times and already remember the dialogue outside their head.

The governor agent going on the car bring the vizontele to the village. But they are already late to deliver the vizontele and need to going back quickly. Meanwhile in the village, the village people make ceremony to accept the vizontele, and the mayor give speech about vizontele advantage which is people will not need going to cinema and can hear news at the same time with other place in the earth. And the governor agent is came to the village and deliver the vizontele but just give quick explanation how to use it and then leaving the village. The mayor is not understand how to turn on the vizontele and have mixed feeling happy and confused on the same time.

The cinema owner feel insecure about viziontele effect so spreading rumor about viziontele is evil arround the village. Meanwhile, the mayor remember there is crazy radio fixer called Emin that can fix any radio and asked him to help to turn on the vizontele. Emin willing to help with condition that it need to be dismantle first to understand how it is work. Because the mayor is desperate then he is agree, but Emin look confuse how to get back like before and after sometime it can be build back.

And then came the first launch of viziontele, and the mayor give speech that it will change the village. And when it is turn on no signal and just ant on the screen. Emil say they need going higher and then they tried on more higher place several time but it is failed too. Then Emin had idea to setup on the highest mountain, so they hiking the mountain and then come to the top. So they setup the viziontele and their fatigue is paid with the viziontele is get signal and can deliver news. But unlucky it is iran news and all of them upset. So they going back to village, then some of staff tried to push all the button and then the channel change to turkish news and they look very happy.

So story continue with first show on the mayor house and shown news about turkey wars and there is 3 causalities. But the bad news is one of the causalities is mayor son. And the wife of mayor is feel sad and buried the viziontele as iconic replacement of burial of the beloved son with help of Emil. And the story is ended with the girlfriend of the dead son married with cinema owner son with dowry is new viziontele.


The Noticer

In The Noticer by Andy Andrews, it tell about 4 different kind of dialect of love that represent by animal:

1. Canary

People with this kind of love need quality time with their mate, need to be listen detail of their day, dream and concern. In short, a canary type people says, “Just be with me”.

2. Cat

People with this kind of love need physical contact with their spouse, as simple as pat on the back, hug or kiss. In short, a cat type people says, “Touch me”.

3. Puppy Dog

People with this kind of love need spoken word of approval, as simple as praise, agree with decision, and please avoid using disapproval. In short puppy dog people says, “Agree with me”.

4. Goldfish

People with this kind of love need favor and deeds, they feel loved when you doing something for them. In short goldfish people says, “Service me”.

Most of time people learn dialect type of love from their parent.People tend to express love in the same way they want to get the love, and it will let to disaster if different type people going together. People will have combination of several type of dialect but usually they have one major dialect type, and one minor dialect type, like puppy and cat, goldfish and puppy, etc. So what your dialect of love?


Source: The Noticer By Andy Andrews



Happy New Year

Hello reader, sorry for long time for post. I want to say Happy New Year to you all and wish you Great Year Ahead. Also today i just test my color Hue by place the the color based on the hue needed in Hue Test and good best result although not perfect. But i’m glad that i now discover that i have good sense of color hue. And my Result is :

Based on your information, below is how your score compares to those of others with similar demographic information.
* Your score: 3
* Gender: Male
* Age range: 20-29
* Best score for your gender and age range: -11840
* Highest score for your gender and age range: 11722

Although best score for your gender and age range is high but it grade like this 0 as perfect color acuity and 99 as low color acuity. So, let compare the result, who have better score? 🙂


My First Monkey Love

When i’m driving home then my heart flooding by my past love and i decide to make my love life into post. Because i want to remember what lesson that i learn from them, and maybe you can learn by reading my stories. My first monkey love it’s happen when i’m in elementary school, and i can’t remember exactly in what level but i think it is in 3rd level.

The story began when i’m in 3rd level and i just hate school that time because the headmaster is ask the student which is they take a bath in the morning. And she asked me often then i will answer honestly that i don’t take a bath, so she will make comment of that and people will avoid me that day.

It change when the new classmate name Nadia Hutagalung came, although her name like the name of the famous model but is not her. She is mixed from asia and australia and mixed people usually very beautiful, but i just hope to be her friend at that time. Then it just like dream come true when teacher put her in same desk with me


Buddhist Extinct

Buddhist now days is in danger of extinction, because there so many buddhist dogma that different, buddhist figure that different, dhamma lesson that different, and worship in buddhist that different. It’s like Buddha Gotama said that there is 5 ways to tell if buddhist is gone to extinct.

First, when nobody is respect Buddha again especially Buddha Gotama because today we still in his era. Now days, there is so many buddhist dogma that respect other buddha which is their era still not come, or respect other person that not is Buddha, even respect other life than person. So, it look like bad sign tell that buddhist will extinct. But we can still fix it by remember what Buddha show as good example of person, then respect Buddha again,

Second, when nobody is respect Dhamma again. Now days, there is so many buddhist book that have another interpretation of sutta, or there is so many buddhist preaching that have it’s interpretation. So, it look like more bad sign tell that buddhist will extinct. But we can still fix it by learn from the source of sutta from digha nikaya, majjhima nikaya, anguttara nikaya, samyuta nikaya, and khuddaka nikaya or even if interested further you can learn in abhidhamma pitaka. After you understand it, then respect Dhamma again.

Third, when nobody is respect Sangha again. Now days, there is Sangha member that married, Sangha member that do crime, so we lose our respect to Sangha. Another bad sign of extinction of buddhist, but it’s actually wrong because it’s just one person not all the Sangha, and Sangha is one of the best place to harvest good karma. Even it’s still give same result if we funded bad Sangha member if our intention is to funded Sangha, so what you afraid of. So, let’s we respect Sangha again.

Fourth, when nobody is doing practice Dhamma. Now days people tent to have seminar than buddhist preaching, or people think Sila is not important and just rush into samadhi, or people think doesn’t need to do samadhi if we have wisdom, or just have jhana is enough. It’s look like buddhist will go in extinction faster before this buddhist era is told to be end. Because that point of think is wrong and we need all the eight way to freedom, so it is better if we mastered one or more ways but it is not enough to just have one or more. So, let’s do right practice Dhamma again and go to freedom together.

The Last, when nobody is doing Samadhi or meditasi. We are very busy so we can’t have spare time to do meditasi every day, and that is our reasonable reason to avoid have meditasi and keep our peace in mind. So, it really extinction will come very soon because all the sign is happen. We need to know that our thinking is wrong and fix it because doesn’t have time it just a reason and if really want something we somehow will have time. So what we must change is our mind and spare our time to do meditasi just 15 minutes or more.

After know all the sign of buddhist extinction, it’s up to us to preserve buddhist. Let’s we preserve buddhist and make many people going to freedom.

source : Buddhis Preaching in Waesak Days.



Date is can be indicator of time of day but i mean that is appointment to met from two opposite gender. Usually we prepare the best before going to date and hope for the best. But if date is go wrong what must we do? to know answer of that we must know what we do in date, what must we prepare for date and what must we follow up after date. To prepare for date is more easy than another two phase, and you just hope it is run smoothly.

First important in date is


Sri Mulyani Indrawati

Sri Mulyani Indrawati, is one of the best government people in Indonesia. She make economy in Indonesia going into good direction. Indonesia now is better than before cause now if the rules is followed then it make people in the finances hard to mess up with system. But because of that some of the people feel like trap and want to get the freedom. And then they going into politic and try to beat down Sri Mulyani Indrawati to get their freedom again.

So they playing around with Century, RAPBN, Whistle Blow in tax officer to beat down Sri Mulyani Indrawati. In their defense about their act is because they want justice for people but that is not true they just want their freedom back. Cause so many of them then they playing around with news and laws to beat down Sri Mulyani Indrawati and make her life become hard to implement more good rules in finances. In my defense about Sri Mulyani Indrawati even if she guilt to let Century happen, we must not look through that way because it is just a dot black ink in the ocean, so why bother if Indonesia just loss little than it should be if finance become mess up. Every one make mistake because they just Human.

Then come offer from World Bank to Sri Mulyani Indrawati to become managing director and she took the job. So, Indonesia will lose it’s best men again and they will win then Indonesia going down. Hope it is not going down into ravine but just into hill. It’s will be Indonesia loss no matter what act that Sri Mulyani Indrawati take because if she not take the job then she can’t going further to make Indonesia better. And if she take the job then economic in Indonesia fall.

It’s because she being cornered then it is time to fight back so no matter what act she take then Indonesia in loss. Congratulation for Sri Mulyani Indrawati for new job, hope Indonesia name will shine in the world. And then Indonesia ready to take back it’s best people. Last word, it just opinion and one sided think from me without fact so if you not agreed just keep in your heart, because i just want to cry about Indonesia loss and tell my opinion why Indonesia must cry too.


Tagline Changed

Dear Readers,

Now i change the tag-line of my blog from Daily Wisdom to Happiness into Deni Perspective of World. This change is needed because i think my blog is topic now change from what i plan before(deliver a wisdom every day to make everyone light up their day). And i thinks this new tag-line is suitable for now. Because:
– sometimes about wisdom is come from my perspective,
– sometimes about my wildness mind,
– sometimes about interesting thing in my life,
– sometimes about new stuff that i find interesting,
– sometimes about tips that i found useful.
But I hope i still can live up your day even though i not every day make post and it is not always about wisdom. So i hope you enjoy it.
Thanks for reading my blog.