Screen Term

I confused about screen term like resistive, capacitive, surface acoustic wave, TFT, Oled, Amoled, Super Amoled, and Retina Display. But the handphone producer seem not interested to explain about that term and leave me confused. So i search in internet and found out that actually simple and easy to explain. Okay lets me try explain it from what i find out in internet and it’s differentiate from touch screen and display. So, about touch screen is following:

First, Resistive is touch screen using resistant different to determine the coordinate of touch. This type is using 2 layer metal which is one layer is conductor of electricity and the other is resistor of electricity, so when we press two layer is become connected and change the resistance and then it reported as coordinate of touch. So, it is depend on pressure which is affected this type is accurate, resistance to dust and liquid but it is not resistance to sharp object, have transparency just 75% and not supported multi touch.

Second, Capacitive is touch screen using capacitance different to determine the coordinate of touch. This type is using 1 layer of electricity, so when we touch the layer is transferred the electricity and lose some electric charge, then it calculate in circuit in edge and reported as coordinate of touch. So, it is depend on electric charge which is affected this type is resistance to sharp object, have transparency 90%, and supported multi touch but it is not accurate and not resistance to dust and liquid.

Third, Surface Acoustic Wave is touch screen using disturbed wave signal to determine the coordinate of touch. This type is using two type of transducers which function transmitting and receiving wave, and reflector to diverting the wave from transmitting and receiving transducers, so when we touch the screen than wave absorbed, then the disturbed wave received in transducers reported as coordinate of touch. So, it is depend on wave signal which is affected this type have superior clarity, and resolution than two type before, also it’s supported multi touch but it is less resistance to dust and liquid with resistive but more resistance to dust and liquid with capacitive.

And then about display is following:
First, TFT is active matrix display technology using back light, which is have better picture quality and better response time but needed high energy.

Second, Oled is passive matrix display using self illuminate pixel, which is have less energy, more bright and contrast but worsen response time, ghosting effect, and performance will degraded overtime.

Third, Amoled is hybrid display technology using Active Matrix and OLED, which is improve response time from Oled and reduce ghosting effect.

Fourth, Super Amoled is version of Amoled display that integrated the capacitive with display, which is less power, less reflected light, and work better in outdoor than Amoled.

Fifth, Retina Display is version of TFT that integrated display and touch screen so eliminate the empty space, high density pixel, and high contrast ratio for phone, which is have super-sharp display than other display technology.

So, i hope you not confused again about screen term like me. Although source of this information can be found which one the first post and summarized from many source but i really thank you for people that try to explain about what this is about. Thank.

source: various source

Wise Thought

Need, key to understand what important

Many people in lives can eat, drink, watch tv, chat with friend, doing hobbies, have families, and etc. But, they still find is not enough then try to reach everything they want and quarrel if their life is not good. That is because they think that thing in their life is take for granted. And they just realize that is important when it lost and they need it. Now up to you, what will you prefer: lost it first and then being forced to know what important or you think first what you need and then embrace it. So, Lets find your need and stop chasing what you want. Happy Finding your needs.

Wise Thought

Wrong Wisdom

Today when watch Mario Teguh there is one audience that asked about why even if he loved his wife more than his self why he easy to fall in love with other woman?. So, Mario Teguh said that child is normally to play around to growth their self, then they become adult and take next step to be responsible and understand what right for their self and stop playing with their self. Then Mario Teguh continued said that this man is still playing with his self and need to go to next step, and Mario Teguh asked so what he think about his statement before? He still said that is okay to love every one if he still love his wife more.

So, Mario Teguh said again that “Wrong is actually faith about what we believe is right by ourselves“. And then some thing pop up in my head which is that so wise and truth, so i think it’s needed to be spread. So, when i wrong then someone can give me hint by said that because i often just looked from one side like that men and become blind by my faith, and hopefully i will aware and change my mind, Thanks.

Last, let’s we read it again and saved it in our brain “Wrong is actually faith about what we believe is right by ourselves

source : Golden ways by Mario Teguh

Motivation Thought

7 Up

7 Up word as key to success:

No matter how often do you fail, if you more often wake up and started again, we will success.

Inner beauty is more important just outside ornament that temporary. Have abundance mentality, output from respect and deep safe feeling. This is will make availability to share respect, benefit, and responsibility.

Stop talking about previous success, and focus ourselves for our next success.

Stand fast of your initial belief that we are certainly success.

When grand opening of Disney Land, a reporter asked wife of late Walt Disney “How would his feeling when seen his dream come true with the opening of this Disney Land?” She answered “He already seen all of this long time ago before this project even exist” Look all our dream inside our imagination as if all already come true.

Reach something higher than your previous achievement that sign of we are really grow.

Raise all our dream into benediction pray as if all already come true.

Happy Birthday to Me, hope i can conquer all the road block, obstacle, or even wall and wish i can catch all opportunity, fortune, and success to reach all my dream. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

source: someone special