Laskar Pelangi

Yesterday i watch Laskar Pelangi with colleagues in theater. Usually i don’t watch Indonesian movie in theater because Indonesian movie in theater usually just about horror, slapstick comedy or teen love. But this time i choose to watch because in news say that it’s a good film which is educating. Truthfully two week before i choose to watch it with my colleagues, i persuaded my friend to watch but they refuse because Indonesian movie is not worthy to watch it in theater they said and my sister just watch it with her friend. So, i considered my plan and decide to wait DVD is out but then my colleagues want to watch it so i decide to watch it with my colleagues. Firstly there are 3 men and 4 women including me that want to watch the movie, but then 2 men and 1 woman is decide not to watch. Then I think that i watch this movie just with women and i considered to forfeit but then i think this is last chance to watch the movie in theater because just with woman i can watch Indonesian movie. Why? because man usually think about gain and like i mentioned before they think Indonesian movie not worthy to watch in theater.

Okay now let talks about the movie, spoiler alert. Laskar Pelangi have plot backward-forward, and the movie is story is tell from lkal one of the Laskar Pelangi. Ikal tell how hard to keep school alive for poor people. The process to keep school alive for people, its begin when the school need ten people to make the school open. And then continue with their problem to go to school, and as the film go the problem then continue with love story from Ikal . But it’s not just about a problem and the story tell about their Carnaval event that show geniuses in music from Mahar, and then story continue with origin of the Laskar Pelangi name, and then the eleventh join Laskar Pelangi. And story continue with a problem when one of the teacher leave and then continue with dead of the principal. And then the story tell about their persistent to keep learning in school and continue with their Cerdas Cermat event that show geniuses from Lintang. And sad that one of them must leave Laskar Pelangi. And then the story jump to several year forward and tell how they life are now.

Overall it’s worth it to watch this movie because the story is good, educating, and the music is good. Laskar Pelangi tell people to reach their dream in the sky without worry, tell to give all not to take all, and tell to be the best no matter what your problem.

Choice Wisdom

If you given a choice become a rich person which is unhappy or become a poor person which is happy? which one that you choose. Or if you given a choice to live with your dream job with low salary or live without your dream job with high salary? which one that you choose. Sometimes life just given a hard choice like i mentioned before, but what really matter is what decision that we take. Because if we looked through the choice then we will see a bad option in every choice. So if you choose to become a winner than you will not take a choice from a bad option, instead we choose a good option from bad choice. Then you will ask what choice i take if given that question. For question one i will choose to become a rich person which is happy, and for the question two i will choose to live with your dream job with high salary. Then you say the choice is not available there, okay i admit the choice is not there but like i said before we must choose good option from bad choice. And you know that the good choice from question i mentioned before that i choose.

It’s really easy just to say it but implementation is very hard. Okay you right but we can try make a good option from bad choice just for a simple problem in our life and eventually it’s become habit and we will do it before we think. So the choice wisdom is choose “good option from bad choice that life give us“.

source : various source

Love is …

Love is hard to describe but we know that exist when we looked a couple. There are many variation of love : love as a parent, love as a child, love as a friend, love as a teacher, love as a disciple, love as a couple, love as a husband, love as a wife, love as a family, and many other. When our parent worrying us when we go hiking? or when we worry about our parent when they sick? or when we go out with our friend? or when we call our husband just to remembering him to lunch? Is it love? of course that we can call that love, so what is love about? is about care, care and care.

So which is more act of love when we fullfil a request? or when we reject a request? Let’s take a deep look, when we fullfil a request we think to give them our best and hope they happy. And when reject a request we think for their good sake. So, which act of love is depend of our purpose when we accept or reject a request, if the purpose is for their good is act of love. And when the purpose is for our good is act of selfish. But they will not see is a love when we accept a request because they think it’s just a duty. And when we reject a request that just because we don’t love them anymore. However if we love them then we will let them understand theirself.

So, Love is “action that we do to somebody because we care and think of their good sake no matter what they think


What is karma? karma is effect or reaction from our act, if we doing good thing then we will get reward and if we doing bad thing then we will ger punishment. It is just like when we plant corn seed we will get corn plant not strawberry plant. Then we will curious there are any act don’t effect anything, ofcourse every act will have their own reaction but one act can nullify other effect of our previous act because every act have it’s own price. So, Karma have their own weight and there are very bad Karma it’s called Garuka Karma. If someone do Garuka Karma then will reincarnate in Avici Hell, the most fear Hell, example of Garuka Karma is killed your own parent.

Actually when we born? where we born? Which Family is we born? it’s because our previous karma. But we will questioning why if we doing something good then why something good not happen. It’s because Karma have it own time to bloom, it can be short, it can be long or even in our other life. So, we will not waiting something is bloom, but just always do good thing. Because we don’t know when disaster happen. So, presence of someone in disaster or not present from disaster is actually real example of Karma. Because we often hearing people that just coincidence leave from disaster before it’s start or arrive after disaster is happen it is not a miracle but it is a good karma is bloom. Or sometimes we hear people trap in disaster it is not because they are evil but just because their bad karma is bloom.

End of the word, just do good deed and wait it to bloom. And who knows we will survive a disaster.

Rabbit and Turtle Story

In some era and dimension, Turtle arguing with Rabbit about which one is fastest. And this arguing is become more and more hotter without conclusion so they decide to have race tomorrow. And the day is come, many animal come to see this event, and then the race is start. Of course Rabbit leave behind the Turtle. After knowing Turtle is far behind then the Rabbit decide to had quick rest, and continue if the Turtle is near. But the situation is nice and the Rabbit become sleep. The Turtle keep running and then pass the Rabbit and become the winner. And the Rabbit is wake up and knowing that the Rabbit lose the race.

Moral : Consistency is way to success.

Because deep embarrassment, The Rabbit doing Root Cause Analysis and found out this lose because over confident, and reckless. So the Rabbit challenge the Turtle Again tomorrow and because winning yesterday so the Turtle accept that challenge. And the day is come and the race begin, the Rabbit leave the Turtle behind. And The Rabbit continue running until Finish. And the Rabbit is the winner.

moral : Fast and Consistency is better then just Consistency.

The Turtle is knowing that the Turtle can’t beat the Rabbit with this condition. So the Turtle challenge the Rabbit in other place tomorrow. And because The Rabbit sure can win, so the Rabbit accept the challenge. And the day is come, and the race begin. Like usual the Rabbit leave far behind the Turtle, but before come to finish there are river and the Rabbit can’t swim so the Rabbit in deep thought. And after long time in deep thought then the Rabbit saw the Turtle come and started to swim in river. And the Turtle pass the river and continue to Finish. And the Rabbit become silent watch the Turtle winning.

moral : Change the condition to suit our abilities.

Knowing the Rabbit is very sad, then the Turtle challenge the Rabbit again tomorrow but we will become team. And the day is come and the race is begin. First the Rabbit carry the Turtle until the river, then in the river the Turtle carry the Rabbit. And after pass the river then the Rabbit carry the Turtle until finish. The result is two of them came faster to Finish.

moral : clever and have ability without cooperative is useless because in team disability will fulfill with other team member.

End of the word, First Fast And Consistency Will Pass Just Consistency, Second Work Suit Your Ability, Third Work As A Team, Fourth Don’t Give Up If Fail, And the Last Compete With Situation Not With Rival.

source : various source

1 Oktober

Here Come new month, this day in Indonesia we celebrate “Hari Kesaktian Pancasila”. This event is occur at 1965, one day after G30SPKI, and it’s tell us that after the darkest day there are a light. Why i say that? it is because in G30SPKI there are 6 general and 1child is killed by PKI in “Lubang Buaya”. There are many rumor why this happen? because after this event Indonesia lose all his general except 1 general is survive. But it is not about politic so let pass all rumor instead we must be thankful because just in one day this darkest day is past and once again Pancasila show us his mighty power. But after Pancasila show us his mighty power there are dark era in Indonesia which is people can be killed just because suspected as PKI. In this era many people is killed and many people lose their freedom, but after some time this dark era is passed again. So, we must be thankful to live in this era not in that dark era.

Garuda Pancasila
Garuda Pancasila

This day is one out of two holiday that i have in “lebaran” because my company just give 2 days vacation in “lebaran”. So Lets enjoy our holiday and before i’m forget then I’m say “Minal Aidin Wal Faizin. Mohon Maaf Lahir Batin” to people that celebrate.