Wise Thought

Primary Treasure

There is 4 primary treasures in the world, and we just don’t pay enough attention into it and pursuit another treasures that look more shining. First treasure in the world is believing your religion, because if you have doubt about your religion than your life will spinning like “gasing”. How about Atheist? of course they can believing their religion which is no god in the world and everything is must made by their on hand.

Second treasure in the world is morality, because if you don’t have it so we don’t have it then we will fall into darkness, and also that separate us from animal. How about Criminal? of course even they are the most bad person in the world, they still limited some of their act in morality.

Third treasure in the world is hiri and otapa because if you don’t have it then we going to do anything without think the consequence and going to make ourself in danger. Hiri meaning is shy to do something and otapa is afraid to something. How about children? of course they still pure in mind and will do anything because they just curious, so it is our task to take care of children and give guidance.

Last treasure in the world is knowledge because if we don’t have it then we going to need other to help ourselves. How about stupid person? of course they will need other person to help in their weakness, but if they try to acquire wisdom of their weakness constantly then it will not be their weakness again even it can be their strength.

After knowing primary treasure in the world, now it is up to you to try have it or pursue another secondary treasure in the world.

source : sermon on last month.


Buddhist Extinct

Buddhist now days is in danger of extinction, because there so many buddhist dogma that different, buddhist figure that different, dhamma lesson that different, and worship in buddhist that different. It’s like Buddha Gotama said that there is 5 ways to tell if buddhist is gone to extinct.

First, when nobody is respect Buddha again especially Buddha Gotama because today we still in his era. Now days, there is so many buddhist dogma that respect other buddha which is their era still not come, or respect other person that not is Buddha, even respect other life than person. So, it look like bad sign tell that buddhist will extinct. But we can still fix it by remember what Buddha show as good example of person, then respect Buddha again,

Second, when nobody is respect Dhamma again. Now days, there is so many buddhist book that have another interpretation of sutta, or there is so many buddhist preaching that have it’s interpretation. So, it look like more bad sign tell that buddhist will extinct. But we can still fix it by learn from the source of sutta from digha nikaya, majjhima nikaya, anguttara nikaya, samyuta nikaya, and khuddaka nikaya or even if interested further you can learn in abhidhamma pitaka. After you understand it, then respect Dhamma again.

Third, when nobody is respect Sangha again. Now days, there is Sangha member that married, Sangha member that do crime, so we lose our respect to Sangha. Another bad sign of extinction of buddhist, but it’s actually wrong because it’s just one person not all the Sangha, and Sangha is one of the best place to harvest good karma. Even it’s still give same result if we funded bad Sangha member if our intention is to funded Sangha, so what you afraid of. So, let’s we respect Sangha again.

Fourth, when nobody is doing practice Dhamma. Now days people tent to have seminar than buddhist preaching, or people think Sila is not important and just rush into samadhi, or people think doesn’t need to do samadhi if we have wisdom, or just have jhana is enough. It’s look like buddhist will go in extinction faster before this buddhist era is told to be end. Because that point of think is wrong and we need all the eight way to freedom, so it is better if we mastered one or more ways but it is not enough to just have one or more. So, let’s do right practice Dhamma again and go to freedom together.

The Last, when nobody is doing Samadhi or meditasi. We are very busy so we can’t have spare time to do meditasi every day, and that is our reasonable reason to avoid have meditasi and keep our peace in mind. So, it really extinction will come very soon because all the sign is happen. We need to know that our thinking is wrong and fix it because doesn’t have time it just a reason and if really want something we somehow will have time. So what we must change is our mind and spare our time to do meditasi just 15 minutes or more.

After know all the sign of buddhist extinction, it’s up to us to preserve buddhist. Let’s we preserve buddhist and make many people going to freedom.

source : Buddhis Preaching in Waesak Days.