Sunset Policy Advantages

Indonesian Government announced new tax policy and called Sunset Policy. This policy based on government say is to help people to report their income honestly. But in other side people worry to report their income honestly because based on history when we report honestly then it will cost us more than just our tax. Why? because they will ask source to get the thing, they give unreasonable finalty, and many other reason.

But let’s us forget the past and try to believing the government because they know our problem and give a solution, it’s called Sunset Policy. This policy have a set of rule but i just explain the advantage, and if you want to know the details then you can download here. What is Sunset Policy? Sunset Policy is gift that government give to people who correcting their NPWP by theirself. The gift is not to pay the finalty (2%for each month) and just pay their unpayed tax.

If you still don’t make your mind then i will tell the advantage of Sunset Policy, and you can read it and if you decide not to take then it’s up to you. The advantage of Sunset Policy are:
– We not pay finalty for correcting our NPWP for year before 2007
– Our report will not questioning and considered as true if we have a proof.
– If we still being investigated by Direktorat Pajak and still not go to court. Then we correct our NPWP by our selves, and the process is stop and our report is considered true.

Of course i’m not tax officer and i just explain it in general to give you more knowledge. And if you want to know more details then you can download the file, or you can go to Tax Officer for more info. FYI, this Sunset Policy is end at 31th December 2008 28 February 2009.

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Wild Thought

Mirror Manner

There are times when we aware that everyone hates us, everyone keep distance from us, everyone pretend to be our friend, everyone talk behind us, everyone keep grudge of us, everyone not values our work, everyone think we have motive behind our act, everyone isolate us, everyone avoid to meet us and many other act. They think they can cover their act and we will not aware, but they wrong.

Usually we pretend it is okay but actually it’s not and our subconscious keep it. Next time when we see them we will react same act without our awareness and they will do the same to us. This is calling mirror act and gradually affect our relationship with them will becoming more worse every times we make contact with them. So, we know this relationship is bad but we will pretend everything still fine until some time when we thinks it’s enough. Then we will keep them away from us or we will keep ourselves away from them or we will make fake relationship.

What solution to this problem? of course it’s simple we just tell what is our feeling. But it’s not that easy because it will not resulting a good reaction. And i just proved it with one of my post and now I’ll careful when posting. Why? because people doesn’t want to hear their weakness even they know. They want their friend pretend to accept it and they will pretend to accept their friends weakness too. We learn about it when child and when we grow up we will keep our true feeling away from the other with wall, wall, and wall until someday we will know that our friends is not understand us at all. Because they just now what mask we show to them.

So, it not weird then just when we in trouble then we will know who our friend? Why? it’s simple because our friend not pretend and they know ourselves through our wall. Afraid our true feeling to be exposed that make us keep people away from our life, because it will cause more hurt when they don’t react like we hope. So, this thing make we value child, because they always show their true feeling and friendship between them easy to be bond.

To always show our true feeling is hard because it will cause problem like when we mad with our boss and we show it then it will make us fired. To surpass this problem then first we must aware it’s not okay and try to fix it. We fix it with good reaction, like when somebody avoid us then we will looking for them, or when somebody give fake smile then will give them smile from the heart. It’s will be weird for them and us then it will make them afraid but still do it because it’s gradually fix the problem. It’s easy to say but hard to implement but you must do it if you want to fix your problem.

End of the word, actually when someone avoid us, maybe we are the problem. Let’s try to fix the problem inside ourselves first. Why not just avoiding them? It’s because the problem will still occurs with the other until we fix it. So, why keep running? And even when the relationship is still broken we are not loss, and then we will find good relationship with other, because they just not know value of us.


American President Election

Tomorrow is American president election. This election is chosen from very careful decision. It’s chosen to be Tuesday after first Monday in November and now conducted in 4 November 2008. It’s chosen Tuesday because in the past it’s far distance to election place and it’s avoid people to go in Sunday. It’s chosen November because every farmer is not working because they had harvest before. And It’s Chosen Tuesday after first Monday because to avoid the election in 1 November. Why? it’s because 1 November is All Saint Day and to avoid Success or Failure business from previous month affected the choice. And if the Tuesday is 1 November then election is in next week because it’s chosen to be Tuesday after first Monday.

We may learn from America because they prepare the election is not like us which decide date of the election without good reason and just make the election day is holiday. Candidate for tomorrow election is Barrack Obama (Democrat) and John McCain (Republic). Barrack Obama is promising candidate to become president because he is smart, charming and have large money support. John McCain is underdog because Republic is hate by American People.

Before you choose, let’s me give you quick sight. More money taken then must give more reward to the people that given. They look smart because their counselor. They particularly have same purpose in rule the country. Then if you sure with your choice then happy choosing.

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