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Heroes one of film about extraordinary people. In this film there are many extraordinary people with one specific ability and some with many abilities. There are people that can fly, people can travel time, people can run fast, people can telekinetic, people can read mind, people with great athletic skill, people can look future, people with regeneration ability, people can vanish, people can erase mind. And even with people can mimic skill from media, people can absorb ability, people with great analytic skill, and people can heal people.

All of this is skill is the skill that people wish they had in reality in their dream. Imagine when we can fly then we can travel around world without worry. Then if we imagine that we can travel time then we can be rich if we put our money in good place. Next imagine if we can telekinetic then we can move thing free. Or imagine if we can vanish then we can go around forbidden place without seen. There are so many dream that to be good to be true and if it goes to wrong people than it will become disaster to world.

But actually in reality there are people that can heal people. If you think it’s doctor you wrong because that not people that i talk about even doctor can heal people sick. What i mean is people with extraordinary skill that can heal people like blind, deaf, and etc. I had seen this people do this miracle in GOR Ngurah Rai, even i myself still have doubt to this miracle but this skill is actually can be learned by meditated. So, i think it’s real, but what i don’t like with these people is they always bearing their religion. So they just want cure people with same religion and it’s not right i think.

So, like Uncle Ben in Spiderman says “with great power there must also come great responsibility” if you have been gifted with great ability and become Extraordinary People than you must remembered that gift for help all people not just some of them. Even not everyone is Extraordinary People but we can be Extraordinary People by doing good thing and help people around us every day. Or you can be Extraordinary People by become people in high authority like President, Governor, Etc. But you must remember what Uncle Ben says “with great power there must also come great responsibility“.

source : Heroes, Spiderman

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