Daily Life Motivation Thought


Climax is event when you reach the top conflict or sensation, but what i mean is new instrument in Waterboom. Waterboom is one place in Bali to have many water fun instrument. This new instrument is very extreme because you locked in the room then you must lay back and cross your leg. Then continue by count down from 3 to 1 and voila your foothold is disappear and you fall very fast, and going around until stop in bottom. And the funny thing about this thing is even you know that your foothold will disappear, many people is still scream on the fear. People scream on this instrument is woman, man, even tough look man still scream. But i’m not scream because i’m ready when the foothold is disappear and enjoy the fall moment even i played twice :). What i can get benefit from this story ?? for me it is when you ready then no fear to anything. So, lets prepare yourself then nothing can make you fear. Happy Preparing

Wild Thought


Just now, i think life is so easy if we have our double, triple, even quartet of ourselves. What will you do if you gifted by GOD to have ability freely to duplicate and unduplicate yourself with risk to lose your energy +1 than your duplicity? if you ask that question to me, i will absolutely accept that gift. The reason is that so many event in our life left with question because we can’t attend the event that come in same time. And i’m really curious what will happen if i choose the other event? can i met with my designate wife? can i met with my designate career? can i met with my designate business? So i think it good to have duplicate of yourself to attend both event and not left your life with question.

But because we all don’t have that ability, then we need to make priority, choose and accept that choice. To accept all choice then we need to choose what is most important and left all other. Life is so easy to left you with same event that have different importance, but in the end you still need to choose and grown up with that choice. So life your life and enjoy every moment with choose what you really want.

Happy Easter Everyone.