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Happy Birthday

It is been long time before i posted something, so hello all readers. Today is my birthday, and it is been exciting journey until today. If i looked back 1 year before, definitely there is many happy days, and the most exciting day is happen in last year Halloween. This day is when i have relationship with girl of my dream, and it make my days ahead full of happy days. Yes Love is just not enough, and relationship is hard but i try my best and in the process become more mature. Another exciting day is happen on seventh of June where i had my first dream car after waiting for 4 month. Yes Car is not investment, and make me in debt, but it also make me try my best to get extra money and in the process i realize my deepest dream. And another exciting day is happen on June too where i tried to make my deepest dream come true, making my own game. Yes making game is not one man show, and make me frustrated, but  it also make me find the easy game console developing program and in the process to make my own game. And another exciting day is happen on my birthday this year is president election day and everyone is looked like celebrating my birthday because it became public holiday, what a great day, but remember guys choose your best because Indonesia fate for 5 year ahead is decided in this day. There is so many exciting and happy day before my birthday, but just this day that i will shared with all you reader. So, great year has been achieved, and i hope for success,  happy, and great year for next year. Happy Birthday Myself.

Daily Life Wild Thought

Happy Easter

Easter is the day to celebrated when Jesus is rise from dead, which is make the believer to be more faithful with Jesus and non believer to have a faith with Jesus. But in other meaning, the believer itself is not a believer about something that taught by Jesus. Let not talk about religion, but let see that in other perspective.


Who is more brave between people who do not have any fear or the people  that is in fear that try to help people on their fear?

Who is more enjoy something between people that just do what their best at or the people that trying to do what their worst at to make it better?

Who is mature person between people that complain about some problem or people who just do something to fix the problem


If you think that is an easy choice, think again are you really what you choice.  People like to think they can live freely but without their awareness they constrain themselves with social culture, other people think,  their fear, or even their likeness. That is because, there is always some line people draw between their action and their belief  to avoid shame, uneasiness, weird, or worst to take advantage.

Happy Easter to People Who Celebrate and for all just free yourselves from your limit.

Daily Life

Where is my Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz?

Today i had watch how i met your mother season 8 serial 1 and this is the best scene of the movie. I will just write it down hope you can feel the great moment although it is just a conversation text. And it is started on the station when the Klaus being asked by ted about why he left victoria, and the dialog continue to:

There is a word in German: Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz.
And the closest translation would be…

’Lifelong Treasure of Destiny.’

And Victoria is wunderbar, but she is not my Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz.
She is my Beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand, you know?

It means…’the thing that is almost the thing that you want…
but it’s not quite.’

“Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz is not something that develops over time.
It is something that happens instantaneously.
It courses through you like the water of a river after a storm, filling you and emptying you all at once.
You feel it throughout your body…
in your hands…
in your heart…
in your stomach…
…in your skin…
Of course you feel it in your Schlauchmachendejungen, pardon my French.” Klaus (How I Met Your Mother)

Have you ever felt this way about someone?

Yeah, I think so.

If you have to think about it, you have not felt it.

And you’re absolutely sure you’ll find that someday?

Of course. Everyone does eventually.

You just never know when or where.

And, the story continue to ted met the girl with the yellow umbrella and then the film is ended. This is make me wonder when or where i can find the Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz? and i sometime wonder do i have met my Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz but not realize it. But i don’t missed it because if i think about it then it is not my Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz, maybe it is my Beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand or my wunderbar i missed. But eventually i will met my Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz, and for meantime i will upgrade myself to be my best self. So when i met her i will become her Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz too.

Daily Life Wild Thought Wise Thought

Traffic Light Beggar

In Bali now there is many beggar in traffic light, the beggar usually child or woman with babies. Every time i see the beggar, my emotion became mixed. It is because there is feeling want to give money or not. Why is so hard just to decide that? It is because there is syndicate that using the beggar to collect money and in the end they just get home and food. Or even if they not in syndicate, it will make they become lazy and not want to work because there is easy way to get money. So by giving them money we not help them it just make the syndicate will recruit more people to become beggar, or if it not in syndicate it will make their mental to become lazy and their fortune will invite their friend indirectly to join.

In other hand i just feel want to help them a little by giving a little money. But i will always strengthened my heart and not give them money because i always say to my heart if i really care with them then just stop giving them money and someday if nobody giving money then they will disappear. Because if the syndicate not get money then they will stop recruit more and disband the beggar. Or if they not in syndicate then they will think that not is good way to get easy money and will leave this profession and hopefully they will work. So if you feel sympathy and want to help them just not giving them money. And if you really want to help them then you can help by giving them food to eat, work, or scholarship with hostel.

So i hope you would like to join me by not giving them money and someday we will not see any beggar in traffic light, and this country will be more prosperous because many young people work and develop this country. Happy Not Giving Money To Beggar.

Daily Life Motivation Thought


Climax is event when you reach the top conflict or sensation, but what i mean is new instrument in Waterboom. Waterboom is one place in Bali to have many water fun instrument. This new instrument is very extreme because you locked in the room then you must lay back and cross your leg. Then continue by count down from 3 to 1 and voila your foothold is disappear and you fall very fast, and going around until stop in bottom. And the funny thing about this thing is even you know that your foothold will disappear, many people is still scream on the fear. People scream on this instrument is woman, man, even tough look man still scream. But i’m not scream because i’m ready when the foothold is disappear and enjoy the fall moment even i played twice :). What i can get benefit from this story ?? for me it is when you ready then no fear to anything. So, lets prepare yourself then nothing can make you fear. Happy Preparing

Daily Life Wise Thought

Erma, snapshot of real angel in Lotus

Erma? who is her? she is someone which one own motorbike that i crashed.  So, what is so special about her? To know how special she is, let’s get to know the story first.

It begin when i finished eating es cream in Lotus with friends and started to move my car out of parking lot. Then I’m going to move backward in purpose to make space for going out from park, then i crash into someone motorbike. And the motorbike is fall down, then the security guys tell me to stop, even tough i had stopped. And i walk out from my car to checked the motorbike, it looks little scratched and no minor damage other then that.

So, i intended to going home, but one of the security guys told me to wait because he said that he want to call the owner. So, i tell okay and say let’s me park the car first, the security guy agreed with worry. Then i wait and make a little chit chat with the security guy that left in parking lot. Not so long after, the owner came up.

Daily Life General

Happy Birthday

Although it’s 2 month ago my birthday and i don’t announce it in my blog in that time. But today in special day i will announce my birthday in 9 July so you will remember because today day with most nine in day so you at least will remember that my birthday day is nine and hopefully next year will be much present and greeting for me :p.

But actually birthday have a dilemma because we know that with our age add 1 in our birthday so we will near death by one step or at least one year. But in the other hand we will feel great in that day cause we know long time ago we born in that day and we will feel like new again. And maybe some of you like me in my birthday i will come up with new resolution for next year and hope next year in 9 July i will have great result.  But that not problem just enjoy your birthday and have fun.

Daily Life

Garbage Man Story

Long time ago in one street called Wijaya Kusuma there was a problem. The problem is garbage is every where and air is become smelled stink. It happened cause the garbage man from government is came just every Saturday even sometimes it become 2 week and even worse 3 week. So people that live there feel it very annoying and the decide to make meeting about this problem.

And the meeting is held and it resulted that they must have their own garbage man. So they need too have a garbage car first, and then they collect money to buy the car. And the time passed for 6 month and the money is enough to buy garbage car. So, they held meeting again to choose a garbage man and suddenly someone volunteer and chosen as a garbage man. And the meeting resulted since next week they will have their own garbage man and the garbage will be taken every day.

And the next week is came and the garbage man is on duty. The first week is very hard cause garbage is every where but slowly the garbage is decreased. And then finally on the second week the garbage mountain is cleaned and just garbage from today. And people live lively again but they forgot it is because of the hard work from garbage man.

The day passed one by one and the garbage man is still working. In the night to clean the garbage silently then throw the garbage in TPA (place is used for collecting garbage to be processed). After finish throw the garbage the garbage man is always clean the garbage car in late night, and keep the car clean and tidy like a new car. And the garbage always do this routine with enthusiastic and never miss a day even people never thanks him cause it will make garbage mountain again.

One day i realized that the garbage man hard work, determination, and consistency in work. And i learned that “to overcome problem we need hard work, determination and consistency“. So, i post it to say thanks for garbage man hard work, even though is not enough to express thanks you. And hope every one can learn too from this garbage man. Happy Weekend.

Daily Life

Cap Go Mek Day

Just want to say Cap Go Mek Day is come for people who celebrating. FYI Cap Go Mek is occurred in day 15 of first Candra Sengkala calendar. On this day usually people who celebrate eat Lontong, Curry, Abon, Manisa and other. But that is important is must use Lontong, so from this kind of food come menu called Lontong Cap Go Mek even it’s not Cap Go Mek.

So, what actually is Lontong? Lontong is rice covered by leaf usually banana leaf with shape like lemper but is more bigger, than it’s been steam in caldron. The taste is more delicious depend of how patient the maker waiting to wait until it’s become solid. Because if it’s too early to be taken, it will not cooked, but if it’s too late then it will become too soft.

Okay enough about food, is there any other event? yes you right usually people who celebrating pray to god too, it’s like Kuningan in Balinese Tradition. What we wishing for to god? actually it’s like we thanks god for the year that passed and hope year ahead is better than past year.

Hope you enjoy your Cap Go Mek, Happy Cap Go Mek.

Daily Life

Moving to New Cubicle

Yesterday I’m suppose moving to new cubicle, but yesterday my new cubicle is still occupied and my PC is stored in meeting room called Bima. So actually today I’m moving to new cubicle. First impression when moving to my new cubicle is oh my god I’m back with CRT Monitor. Then when i want to assemble my PC, a problem occurred. The problem is my monitor cable is missing, so i ask the ITS to provide it. Then after some time the ITS is coming and Ta Da my PC is on again. And then i start to blogging and accidentally I’m aware that my new cubicle now is very cold. And because I’m very cold then I’m looking around and then i realize that my place is in the center of the room, so everyone will know what I’m doing. Oh no my new cubicle is not strategic to doing something not related to work like watching movie, playing game, and browsing. It is not like my old cubicle which is a place that warm, in the corner of the room, and strategic to doing something not related to work. when i grudge about my new cubicle then pop up a wisdom word. The wisdom word is “when God closed one door for you, actually God Open one door also, so don’t just look for one door“. In other word is mean that never look back just moving forward, so life must go on i think. And then i congrats my self “welcome to new cubicle, wish you happy”.