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Erma, snapshot of real angel in Lotus

Erma? who is her? she is someone which one own motorbike that i crashed.  So, what is so special about her? To know how special she is, let’s get to know the story first.

It begin when i finished eating es cream in Lotus with friends and started to move my car out of parking lot. Then I’m going to move backward in purpose to make space for going out from park, then i crash into someone motorbike. And the motorbike is fall down, then the security guys tell me to stop, even tough i had stopped. And i walk out from my car to checked the motorbike, it looks little scratched and no minor damage other then that.

So, i intended to going home, but one of the security guys told me to wait because he said that he want to call the owner. So, i tell okay and say let’s me park the car first, the security guy agreed with worry. Then i wait and make a little chit chat with the security guy that left in parking lot. Not so long after, the owner came up.

The owner is a tomboy lady, and i smile to her. Then she smiled back at me. Oh this is good sign that she is a patient person. So, she checked the motorbike and as is just have little scratch, she tell is okay to leave. And then she moved her motorbike to deeper place in parking lot.

So, i walk to my car, and try to starter my car but the key is broken, although i don’t sure it’s broken before or after i starter the car. So, i ask one of the security guys to lend me a screwdriver. They ask why you needed that?  i said because my key is broken, and they said they don’t have it.

But because she still there then she ask for pliers to the security guys, they said the maintenance guys is already going home. So, she back to her motorbike and lend me the screwdriver. Then i tried to push out the broken part inside but it not move cause the screwdriver is too big. So, she tried to find hairpin in her head, although she said that she don’t have it before.

Then the security guys tried to help me to push out the broken part inside the lock. And she is going back inside Lotus to find the pliers. When she is going back, i waiting outside the car. Suddenly the security guy successfully retrieve the broken part then i said thank you. And i ask who is her name, he said he didn’t remember although the first time he tell the other security guard to find her.

So, i walk out from the parking lot slowly, and hoping that i can meet her cause she still searching for pliers. Then she came out and ask whether it’s okay now?, and i say yes cause i had spare key with me and i said thank you for her help. Then i ask her name and she tell her name Erma. And i introduce myself as Deni then I’m going to home.

That all the story, so what so special about her is she actually okay with crash before, and don’t have grudge in the heart. Because she still with full heart want to helped me when i had that problem. Is not like the security guys the still put grudge and half-heart to help me but change their mind when look the owner is open heart.

So, I’m happy to see slightest look of angel in real life. It mean, there is pure heart not pretended in real life. Cause now days people likely pretend to be good but actually not because they put string attached. So, the wisdom is help the needed people wherever you are with full heart, because someday you will be needed the help.

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Yes i would like to be always can help but sometimes they will take advantage of us, that’s why i fond of her because she can always do good deed to other and can effect the other. Thanks for coming, nice to meet you

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