A La Carte


The most famous ribs in Bali is in Nuri’s Cafe. The ribs in Nuri’s cafe is delicious but it’s expensive and far from Denpasar. And if you want to find another delicious and near Denpasar, then you can go to Renon in the back of STIKOM Bali, there is Warung Taman. The Ribs is filled with vegetables and potato. The Ribs is filled with delicious sauce, although if you find it not delicious enough there is another sauce to complete the flavor and it’s little spicy. The vegetables and potato is plain so i suggest to fill it with the sauce. The price is just 35000 rupiah. If i rate this food then definitely it’s 7 out of 10 but if just the ribs then definitely it’s 8.5 out of 10.

Daily Life

Cap Go Mek Day

Just want to say Cap Go Mek Day is come for people who celebrating. FYI Cap Go Mek is occurred in day 15 of first Candra Sengkala calendar. On this day usually people who celebrate eat Lontong, Curry, Abon, Manisa and other. But that is important is must use Lontong, so from this kind of food come menu called Lontong Cap Go Mek even it’s not Cap Go Mek.

So, what actually is Lontong? Lontong is rice covered by leaf usually banana leaf with shape like lemper but is more bigger, than it’s been steam in caldron. The taste is more delicious depend of how patient the maker waiting to wait until it’s become solid. Because if it’s too early to be taken, it will not cooked, but if it’s too late then it will become too soft.

Okay enough about food, is there any other event? yes you right usually people who celebrating pray to god too, it’s like Kuningan in Balinese Tradition. What we wishing for to god? actually it’s like we thanks god for the year that passed and hope year ahead is better than past year.

Hope you enjoy your Cap Go Mek, Happy Cap Go Mek.