Motivation Thought

I am ruler of my own life

Just today i read one of my favorite motivator, “Mario Teguh” motivational post in fb with title my life, my rule. And because my blog in english so i will translate it into english and hope it will make same effect in english language because the story written in indonesian language. so the post is:

I am ruler of my own life.

I have no right to complain, if what i accomplish is less than the result of others who enjoy beat me.
and if what i accomplish is greater than the result of other, i also do not need to apologize.

This is my life.

my victory or my defeat is appropriate therefore all is well for the victory.

This is my life, my rule.

That is all the post and i hope that you be motivated.

source : mario teguh facebook post

Daily Life Motivation Thought


Climax is event when you reach the top conflict or sensation, but what i mean is new instrument in Waterboom. Waterboom is one place in Bali to have many water fun instrument. This new instrument is very extreme because you locked in the room then you must lay back and cross your leg. Then continue by count down from 3 to 1 and voila your foothold is disappear and you fall very fast, and going around until stop in bottom. And the funny thing about this thing is even you know that your foothold will disappear, many people is still scream on the fear. People scream on this instrument is woman, man, even tough look man still scream. But i’m not scream because i’m ready when the foothold is disappear and enjoy the fall moment even i played twice :). What i can get benefit from this story ?? for me it is when you ready then no fear to anything. So, lets prepare yourself then nothing can make you fear. Happy Preparing

Motivation Thought

7 Up

7 Up word as key to success:

No matter how often do you fail, if you more often wake up and started again, we will success.

Inner beauty is more important just outside ornament that temporary. Have abundance mentality, output from respect and deep safe feeling. This is will make availability to share respect, benefit, and responsibility.

Stop talking about previous success, and focus ourselves for our next success.

Stand fast of your initial belief that we are certainly success.

When grand opening of Disney Land, a reporter asked wife of late Walt Disney “How would his feeling when seen his dream come true with the opening of this Disney Land?” She answered “He already seen all of this long time ago before this project even exist” Look all our dream inside our imagination as if all already come true.

Reach something higher than your previous achievement that sign of we are really grow.

Raise all our dream into benediction pray as if all already come true.

Happy Birthday to Me, hope i can conquer all the road block, obstacle, or even wall and wish i can catch all opportunity, fortune, and success to reach all my dream. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

source: someone special

Motivation Thought

6 Hand Shake Away

Sunday night after I’m went On-on(cross country hiking) then I’m watch Golden Ways from Metro TV. The presenter is Ully Herdinansyah, the motivator is Mario Teguh and the theme is “Jadinya Aku, Terserah Aku”. This show is actually very inspiring, but the most inspiring moment for me is when the Mario Teguh tell about 6 Hand Shake Away.

This is parable is about we can talk face to face anyone around the world max 6 hand shake. Example: you want to talk with britney spears. first from backward you need to know her manager, then you must know journalist or artist management that know or friend with the manager. Then you must know people that involved with journalist or that artist management. Last you must know people that know people that involved.

So how we find that people know that people that involved? you will find it if you really want to talk face to face with the people even though it can be more shorter if you find the manager first but that just for entertainer. Okay so what is the lesson? Don’t afraid to have dream met someone because you just need to find 6 right people before met them. I just hope that work for find the right one in love, just wait to met 6 right people before actually met the right one. 🙂

source : Mario Teguh