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Garbage Man Story

Long time ago in one street called Wijaya Kusuma there was a problem. The problem is garbage is every where and air is become smelled stink. It happened cause the garbage man from government is came just every Saturday even sometimes it become 2 week and even worse 3 week. So people that live there feel it very annoying and the decide to make meeting about this problem.

And the meeting is held and it resulted that they must have their own garbage man. So they need too have a garbage car first, and then they collect money to buy the car. And the time passed for 6 month and the money is enough to buy garbage car. So, they held meeting again to choose a garbage man and suddenly someone volunteer and chosen as a garbage man. And the meeting resulted since next week they will have their own garbage man and the garbage will be taken every day.

And the next week is came and the garbage man is on duty. The first week is very hard cause garbage is every where but slowly the garbage is decreased. And then finally on the second week the garbage mountain is cleaned and just garbage from today. And people live lively again but they forgot it is because of the hard work from garbage man.

The day passed one by one and the garbage man is still working. In the night to clean the garbage silently then throw the garbage in TPA (place is used for collecting garbage to be processed). After finish throw the garbage the garbage man is always clean the garbage car in late night, and keep the car clean and tidy like a new car. And the garbage always do this routine with enthusiastic and never miss a day even people never thanks him cause it will make garbage mountain again.

One day i realized that the garbage man hard work, determination, and consistency in work. And i learned that “to overcome problem we need hard work, determination and consistency“. So, i post it to say thanks for garbage man hard work, even though is not enough to express thanks you. And hope every one can learn too from this garbage man. Happy Weekend.

Wise Thought

Rabbit and Turtle Story

In some era and dimension, Turtle arguing with Rabbit about which one is fastest. And this arguing is become more and more hotter without conclusion so they decide to have race tomorrow. And the day is come, many animal come to see this event, and then the race is start. Of course Rabbit leave behind the Turtle. After knowing Turtle is far behind then the Rabbit decide to had quick rest, and continue if the Turtle is near. But the situation is nice and the Rabbit become sleep. The Turtle keep running and then pass the Rabbit and become the winner. And the Rabbit is wake up and knowing that the Rabbit lose the race.

Moral : Consistency is way to success.

Because deep embarrassment, The Rabbit doing Root Cause Analysis and found out this lose because over confident, and reckless. So the Rabbit challenge the Turtle Again tomorrow and because winning yesterday so the Turtle accept that challenge. And the day is come and the race begin, the Rabbit leave the Turtle behind. And The Rabbit continue running until Finish. And the Rabbit is the winner.

moral : Fast and Consistency is better then just Consistency.

The Turtle is knowing that the Turtle can’t beat the Rabbit with this condition. So the Turtle challenge the Rabbit in other place tomorrow. And because The Rabbit sure can win, so the Rabbit accept the challenge. And the day is come, and the race begin. Like usual the Rabbit leave far behind the Turtle, but before come to finish there are river and the Rabbit can’t swim so the Rabbit in deep thought. And after long time in deep thought then the Rabbit saw the Turtle come and started to swim in river. And the Turtle pass the river and continue to Finish. And the Rabbit become silent watch the Turtle winning.

moral : Change the condition to suit our abilities.

Knowing the Rabbit is very sad, then the Turtle challenge the Rabbit again tomorrow but we will become team. And the day is come and the race is begin. First the Rabbit carry the Turtle until the river, then in the river the Turtle carry the Rabbit. And after pass the river then the Rabbit carry the Turtle until finish. The result is two of them came faster to Finish.

moral : clever and have ability without cooperative is useless because in team disability will fulfill with other team member.

End of the word, First Fast And Consistency Will Pass Just Consistency, Second Work Suit Your Ability, Third Work As A Team, Fourth Don’t Give Up If Fail, And the Last Compete With Situation Not With Rival.

source : various source

Wise Thought

There Monkeys Wisdom

Three Monkeys Picture
Three Monkeys Picture

I think everyone had known this wisdom, and when i search Google then i found there are two interpretation about this thing :
1. See No Evil, Hear No Evil, And Speak No Evil.
2. To enjoy live you need to be blind, deaf and dumb.

But when i hear the three monkeys wisdom is actually is not like the description above. Although I’m not clearly remember the story but i will tell it with adding the forgotten part with mine. The story is about a man name Poo who want to know secret to be happy in live, and then he ask a master of happiness. The Master just say you must past three condition from me if you want to know, and then Poo accept that offer. Then The Master told Poo to find out which is ripe apple using his eyes. And then Poo is hard to find it because them is lookalike, and The Master says you hard to find it because you overused it. Then Poo think and found out that just in one apple there are many fly not like other apples so he told the Master. The Master says you pass first test then he ask what make you choose that apple? Then Poo Says before you say i overused my eyes, i just focusing in the apple and trying to find the different but after you say then i’am trying to look around the apple and i saw fly flying around the apple but just in one apple is have many fly. The Master Say “You just learn one wisdom of happiness, you can stop now if you want” then Poo reject and want to continue with the test.

To be Continue…. to part 2