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1 Oktober

Here Come new month, this day in Indonesia we celebrate “Hari Kesaktian Pancasila”. This event is occur at 1965, one day after G30SPKI, and it’s tell us that after the darkest day there are a light. Why i say that? it is because in G30SPKI there are 6 general and 1child is killed by PKI in “Lubang Buaya”. There are many rumor why this happen? because after this event Indonesia lose all his general except 1 general is survive. But it is not about politic so let pass all rumor instead we must be thankful because just in one day this darkest day is past and once again Pancasila show us his mighty power. But after Pancasila show us his mighty power there are dark era in Indonesia which is people can be killed just because suspected as PKI. In this era many people is killed and many people lose their freedom, but after some time this dark era is passed again. So, we must be thankful to live in this era not in that dark era.

Garuda Pancasila
Garuda Pancasila

This day is one out of two holiday that i have in “lebaran” because my company just give 2 days vacation in “lebaran”. So Lets enjoy our holiday and before i’m forget then I’m say “Minal Aidin Wal Faizin. Mohon Maaf Lahir Batin” to people that celebrate.

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