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Rabbit and Turtle Story

In some era and dimension, Turtle arguing with Rabbit about which one is fastest. And this arguing is become more and more hotter without conclusion so they decide to have race tomorrow. And the day is come, many animal come to see this event, and then the race is start. Of course Rabbit leave behind the Turtle. After knowing Turtle is far behind then the Rabbit decide to had quick rest, and continue if the Turtle is near. But the situation is nice and the Rabbit become sleep. The Turtle keep running and then pass the Rabbit and become the winner. And the Rabbit is wake up and knowing that the Rabbit lose the race.

Moral : Consistency is way to success.

Because deep embarrassment, The Rabbit doing Root Cause Analysis and found out this lose because over confident, and reckless. So the Rabbit challenge the Turtle Again tomorrow and because winning yesterday so the Turtle accept that challenge. And the day is come and the race begin, the Rabbit leave the Turtle behind. And The Rabbit continue running until Finish. And the Rabbit is the winner.

moral : Fast and Consistency is better then just Consistency.

The Turtle is knowing that the Turtle can’t beat the Rabbit with this condition. So the Turtle challenge the Rabbit in other place tomorrow. And because The Rabbit sure can win, so the Rabbit accept the challenge. And the day is come, and the race begin. Like usual the Rabbit leave far behind the Turtle, but before come to finish there are river and the Rabbit can’t swim so the Rabbit in deep thought. And after long time in deep thought then the Rabbit saw the Turtle come and started to swim in river. And the Turtle pass the river and continue to Finish. And the Rabbit become silent watch the Turtle winning.

moral : Change the condition to suit our abilities.

Knowing the Rabbit is very sad, then the Turtle challenge the Rabbit again tomorrow but we will become team. And the day is come and the race is begin. First the Rabbit carry the Turtle until the river, then in the river the Turtle carry the Rabbit. And after pass the river then the Rabbit carry the Turtle until finish. The result is two of them came faster to Finish.

moral : clever and have ability without cooperative is useless because in team disability will fulfill with other team member.

End of the word, First Fast And Consistency Will Pass Just Consistency, Second Work Suit Your Ability, Third Work As A Team, Fourth Don’t Give Up If Fail, And the Last Compete With Situation Not With Rival.

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