On 25-27 November 2013 there is world culture forum. This event is festival film from around the world, to promote culture from other country and had been postpone for 30 years. On the second day, i watch movie called Vizontele, although i actually want to watch Fukushima Hulla Girl because i don’t know the schedule has been changed.

This film is started in the turkey area, with Emin, the enginer take a bath on outside his house and being bullied by people. And the scene continue with son of the mayor in the village going to participate in war as soldier. Then the Mayor get news that governor sent vizontele to the village, which they are waiting for so long. But the mayor itself actually don’t know what is vizontele and called it radio with picture in it. And it goes on with people on the village look at cinema, with they already look the same film several times and already remember the dialogue outside their head.

The governor agent going on the car bring the vizontele to the village. But they are already late to deliver the vizontele and need to going back quickly. Meanwhile in the village, the village people make ceremony to accept the vizontele, and the mayor give speech about vizontele advantage which is people will not need going to cinema and can hear news at the same time with other place in the earth. And the governor agent is came to the village and deliver the vizontele but just give quick explanation how to use it and then leaving the village. The mayor is not understand how to turn on the vizontele and have mixed feeling happy and confused on the same time.

The cinema owner feel insecure about viziontele effect so spreading rumor about viziontele is evil arround the village. Meanwhile, the mayor remember there is crazy radio fixer called Emin that can fix any radio and asked him to help to turn on the vizontele. Emin willing to help with condition that it need to be dismantle first to understand how it is work. Because the mayor is desperate then he is agree, but Emin look confuse how to get back like before and after sometime it can be build back.

And then came the first launch of viziontele, and the mayor give speech that it will change the village. And when it is turn on no signal and just ant on the screen. Emil say they need going higher and then they tried on more higher place several time but it is failed too. Then Emin had idea to setup on the highest mountain, so they hiking the mountain and then come to the top. So they setup the viziontele and their fatigue is paid with the viziontele is get signal and can deliver news. But unlucky it is iran news and all of them upset. So they going back to village, then some of staff tried to push all the button and then the channel change to turkish news and they look very happy.

So story continue with first show on the mayor house and shown news about turkey wars and there is 3 causalities. But the bad news is one of the causalities is mayor son. And the wife of mayor is feel sad and buried the viziontele as iconic replacement of burial of the beloved son with help of Emil. And the story is ended with the girlfriend of the dead son married with cinema owner son with dowry is new viziontele.


REIN: The Rejuvenator

There will be new movie from L Johnverrell in the spring 2010. This movie is about new religion that famous in era of Socrates in the Peloponnesian war. In that era there are a philosopher called George Alexander Curante, one of the cult in Athens. In this cult George had 2 right hand Robert and Regina. And someday one of his disciple rebel against him and open new cult. Then George and his disciple fought in front of the divided congregation and George was killed. Then Robert and Regina buried him in the Eridanus river.

And then in the night Robert and Regina found out that George is revive again by Karma and Called as Rein. Rein is a rejuvenator of soul that believe that soul can be sleep or move on. And Robert and Regina become the keeper of soul. And the get new name from Karma called Sam and Sara. And then the traitor is die and come time for congregation. And Rein ask him Do you wish to sleep or live again? and the traitor answer I will always be a believer and my soul will never rest. And the traitor soul is revive for thousands of years.

In 2008, Rein came to Karma to ask for his soul to rest. They both agreed to chose a new rejuvenator of souls. They considered hundreds of souls before deciding to return to 1975 for Vietnam veteran Frank Alston. Is the Frank is successful to become the successor of Rein? Just watch the movie to find out.


Laskar Pelangi

Yesterday i watch Laskar Pelangi with colleagues in theater. Usually i don’t watch Indonesian movie in theater because Indonesian movie in theater usually just about horror, slapstick comedy or teen love. But this time i choose to watch because in news say that it’s a good film which is educating. Truthfully two week before i choose to watch it with my colleagues, i persuaded my friend to watch but they refuse because Indonesian movie is not worthy to watch it in theater they said and my sister just watch it with her friend. So, i considered my plan and decide to wait DVD is out but then my colleagues want to watch it so i decide to watch it with my colleagues. Firstly there are 3 men and 4 women including me that want to watch the movie, but then 2 men and 1 woman is decide not to watch. Then I think that i watch this movie just with women and i considered to forfeit but then i think this is last chance to watch the movie in theater because just with woman i can watch Indonesian movie. Why? because man usually think about gain and like i mentioned before they think Indonesian movie not worthy to watch in theater.

Okay now let talks about the movie, spoiler alert. Laskar Pelangi have plot backward-forward, and the movie is story is tell from lkal one of the Laskar Pelangi. Ikal tell how hard to keep school alive for poor people. The process to keep school alive for people, its begin when the school need ten people to make the school open. And then continue with their problem to go to school, and as the film go the problem then continue with love story from Ikal . But it’s not just about a problem and the story tell about their Carnaval event that show geniuses in music from Mahar, and then story continue with origin of the Laskar Pelangi name, and then the eleventh join Laskar Pelangi. And story continue with a problem when one of the teacher leave and then continue with dead of the principal. And then the story tell about their persistent to keep learning in school and continue with their Cerdas Cermat event that show geniuses from Lintang. And sad that one of them must leave Laskar Pelangi. And then the story jump to several year forward and tell how they life are now.

Overall it’s worth it to watch this movie because the story is good, educating, and the music is good. Laskar Pelangi tell people to reach their dream in the sky without worry, tell to give all not to take all, and tell to be the best no matter what your problem.