What is karma? karma is effect or reaction from our act, if we doing good thing then we will get reward and if we doing bad thing then we will ger punishment. It is just like when we plant corn seed we will get corn plant not strawberry plant. Then we will curious there are any act don’t effect anything, ofcourse every act will have their own reaction but one act can nullify other effect of our previous act because every act have it’s own price. So, Karma have their own weight and there are very bad Karma it’s called Garuka Karma. If someone do Garuka Karma then will reincarnate in Avici Hell, the most fear Hell, example of Garuka Karma is killed your own parent.

Actually when we born? where we born? Which Family is we born? it’s because our previous karma. But we will questioning why if we doing something good then why something good not happen. It’s because Karma have it own time to bloom, it can be short, it can be long or even in our other life. So, we will not waiting something is bloom, but just always do good thing. Because we don’t know when disaster happen. So, presence of someone in disaster or not present from disaster is actually real example of Karma. Because we often hearing people that just coincidence leave from disaster before it’s start or arrive after disaster is happen it is not a miracle but it is a good karma is bloom. Or sometimes we hear people trap in disaster it is not because they are evil but just because their bad karma is bloom.

End of the word, just do good deed and wait it to bloom. And who knows we will survive a disaster.

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