Donkey Brigde

In Christmas night, i watch Kick Andy. The show tell about children that have amazing ability with theme “Tunas-Tunas Harapan Bangsa”. And one of the children from Bali have ability that can remember card order from 1 to 52, can remember many numbers in one minute. So the host surprise and asked what the secret. The child say it just like story and symbolize the Number and Symbol in thing like two is duck, or the shovel is fire. The host responded it make harder because we need to remember the symbol.

Then this trick from childhood called Donkey Bridge is pop out into my head. This trick actually i think that the child talk. It is simple to remember thing we can make word or acronym from all the sentence. Example to remember order of rainbow is “me ji ku hi bi ni u” –> Merah(Red), Jingga(Orange), Kuning(Yellow), Hijau(Green), Biru(Blue), Nila(Nila), Ungu(Purple). So if you need to remember order of something you can make your own Donkey Bridge.

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Motivation Thought

6 Hand Shake Away

Sunday night after I’m went On-on(cross country hiking) then I’m watch Golden Ways from Metro TV. The presenter is Ully Herdinansyah, the motivator is Mario Teguh and the theme is “Jadinya Aku, Terserah Aku”. This show is actually very inspiring, but the most inspiring moment for me is when the Mario Teguh tell about 6 Hand Shake Away.

This is parable is about we can talk face to face anyone around the world max 6 hand shake. Example: you want to talk with britney spears. first from backward you need to know her manager, then you must know journalist or artist management that know or friend with the manager. Then you must know people that involved with journalist or that artist management. Last you must know people that know people that involved.

So how we find that people know that people that involved? you will find it if you really want to talk face to face with the people even though it can be more shorter if you find the manager first but that just for entertainer. Okay so what is the lesson? Don’t afraid to have dream met someone because you just need to find 6 right people before met them. I just hope that work for find the right one in love, just wait to met 6 right people before actually met the right one. 🙂

source : Mario Teguh

Today History

1 Oktober

Here Come new month, this day in Indonesia we celebrate “Hari Kesaktian Pancasila”. This event is occur at 1965, one day after G30SPKI, and it’s tell us that after the darkest day there are a light. Why i say that? it is because in G30SPKI there are 6 general and 1child is killed by PKI in “Lubang Buaya”. There are many rumor why this happen? because after this event Indonesia lose all his general except 1 general is survive. But it is not about politic so let pass all rumor instead we must be thankful because just in one day this darkest day is past and once again Pancasila show us his mighty power. But after Pancasila show us his mighty power there are dark era in Indonesia which is people can be killed just because suspected as PKI. In this era many people is killed and many people lose their freedom, but after some time this dark era is passed again. So, we must be thankful to live in this era not in that dark era.

Garuda Pancasila
Garuda Pancasila

This day is one out of two holiday that i have in “lebaran” because my company just give 2 days vacation in “lebaran”. So Lets enjoy our holiday and before i’m forget then I’m say “Minal Aidin Wal Faizin. Mohon Maaf Lahir Batin” to people that celebrate.