Happy Birthday

Although it’s 2 month ago my birthday and i don’t announce it in my blog in that time. But today in special day i will announce my birthday in 9 July so you will remember because today day with most nine in day so you at least will remember that my birthday day is nine and hopefully next year will be much present and greeting for me :p.

But actually birthday have a dilemma because we know that with our age add 1 in our birthday so we will near death by one step or at least one year. But in the other hand we will feel great in that day cause we know long time ago we born in that day and we will feel like new again. And maybe some of you like me in my birthday i will come up with new resolution for next year and hope next year in 9 July i will have great result.  But that not problem just enjoy your birthday and have fun.

Black Out Internet

Since 3 days ago my connection to internet is down and i can’t connect to internet. This internet black out cause by people which is cut down bts cable in 16 location in Bali which is  not professionally work and causing 88 location of bts error. And this problem make me skip 3 days to blog and missed the nablopomo event, but it’s okay there is next month to join the nablopomo. But this black out make me think that internet had been addictive thing in my life and i need to make priority.

But with so many thing i want to do in life and so little time to enjoy time for myself. Then i will start by gradually make my 101 thing to do in 1001 days list, and  i will start now. By time goes i update thing in the list while doing the other thing in list. It’s a dynamic list and i can change it if don’t feel suitable before i had do the task. But i can’t change the list after i do the task. Cause i often lazy to do routine thing and idea can come from anything but to become reality we must do the thing not just dream. And by written down the wish it will make easier to achieve and the universe will help us to make real.

And to tell other how i’m progress and what is the task i will make publish in one page, and make special tag for post the progress update which is “101/1001”. And because it’s my personal life and it can be very boring then you can just skip it, or if you feel interested to know the progress and give me courage you can read it and make comment. Thank for reading.

101 thing to do in 1001 project

start : 18 August 2009

end : 9 May 2012

National Blog Posting Month

This is posting just to make announce that i will try to join National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). Actually this for encourage me to make post for every day and be like my first purpose when create the blog to give a wisdom every day for everyone include myself. Cause i know everyone have their bad day and it’s different for everyone and i hope by reading my post for the day they feel happy. But as i had work to do it’s look like blogging come to last importance thing to do so i hope by join this event i been refresh with my first purpose.

Also in this posting i announce special tag for the event NaBloPoMo. This event actually come up from National Novel Writing Month which is create novel in a month in November but it become bigger and become National Blog Posting Month. And for all day later i will posting Alphabet of Wisdom.

Thanks for reading the announcement.

Sunset Policy Advantages

Indonesian Government announced new tax policy and called Sunset Policy. This policy based on government say is to help people to report their income honestly. But in other side people worry to report their income honestly because based on history when we report honestly then it will cost us more than just our tax. Why? because they will ask source to get the thing, they give unreasonable finalty, and many other reason.

But let’s us forget the past and try to believing the government because they know our problem and give a solution, it’s called Sunset Policy. This policy have a set of rule but i just explain the advantage, and if you want to know the details then you can download here. What is Sunset Policy? Sunset Policy is gift that government give to people who correcting their NPWP by theirself. The gift is not to pay the finalty (2%for each month) and just pay their unpayed tax.

If you still don’t make your mind then i will tell the advantage of Sunset Policy, and you can read it and if you decide not to take then it’s up to you. The advantage of Sunset Policy are:
– We not pay finalty for correcting our NPWP for year before 2007
– Our report will not questioning and considered as true if we have a proof.
– If we still being investigated by Direktorat Pajak and still not go to court. Then we correct our NPWP by our selves, and the process is stop and our report is considered true.

Of course i’m not tax officer and i just explain it in general to give you more knowledge. And if you want to know more details then you can download the file, or you can go to Tax Officer for more info. FYI, this Sunset Policy is end at 31th December 2008 28 February 2009.

source : http://www.pajak.go.id

American President Election

Tomorrow is American president election. This election is chosen from very careful decision. It’s chosen to be Tuesday after first Monday in November and now conducted in 4 November 2008. It’s chosen Tuesday because in the past it’s far distance to election place and it’s avoid people to go in Sunday. It’s chosen November because every farmer is not working because they had harvest before. And It’s Chosen Tuesday after first Monday because to avoid the election in 1 November. Why? it’s because 1 November is All Saint Day and to avoid Success or Failure business from previous month affected the choice. And if the Tuesday is 1 November then election is in next week because it’s chosen to be Tuesday after first Monday.

We may learn from America because they prepare the election is not like us which decide date of the election without good reason and just make the election day is holiday. Candidate for tomorrow election is Barrack Obama (Democrat) and John McCain (Republic). Barrack Obama is promising candidate to become president because he is smart, charming and have large money support. John McCain is underdog because Republic is hate by American People.

Before you choose, let’s me give you quick sight. More money taken then must give more reward to the people that given. They look smart because their counselor. They particularly have same purpose in rule the country. Then if you sure with your choice then happy choosing.

source : kompas

Rules to Comment

Because little accident yesterday than I Think needed some rules to Obey to make comment, because if not then it will be delete. This rule is taken from one of my friend blog and additional rule that i add.

The Twelve Rules is:

1. Clear Name
It is like when in real world it’s not ethic when we called someone with hey friend of … than called by a name. So, if you want leave your relationship you can add in comment not in name.

2. No Junk
I Think it clear, No SARA and Junk.

3. Read Before Write
Don’t make comment just to make a comment or even just to promote your product.

4. Polite
Use polite word.

5. Emoticon
To be more friendly add emoticon.

6. Contribution
Make comment that add value of the post or discussion.

7. Critics with good intention
If you needed to critic, just leave critic with good intention.

8. Ask what you don’t sure
If you don’t sure about the post topic you can ask.

9. Make Good Impression
Leave Worthy Comment or Respond From Other Comment will leave good impression.

10. Don’t Flame
If you don’t agree with my blog don’t make a rude comment because just waste energy and time. Instead you just leave, there are many blog out there.

11. Humor
Add a little Humor to your comment.

12. Leave Mark
Back regularly and become a new friend.

And if your comment not fulfill one of the rules then it depend on me to delete the comment.

Laskar Pelangi

Yesterday i watch Laskar Pelangi with colleagues in theater. Usually i don’t watch Indonesian movie in theater because Indonesian movie in theater usually just about horror, slapstick comedy or teen love. But this time i choose to watch because in news say that it’s a good film which is educating. Truthfully two week before i choose to watch it with my colleagues, i persuaded my friend to watch but they refuse because Indonesian movie is not worthy to watch it in theater they said and my sister just watch it with her friend. So, i considered my plan and decide to wait DVD is out but then my colleagues want to watch it so i decide to watch it with my colleagues. Firstly there are 3 men and 4 women including me that want to watch the movie, but then 2 men and 1 woman is decide not to watch. Then I think that i watch this movie just with women and i considered to forfeit but then i think this is last chance to watch the movie in theater because just with woman i can watch Indonesian movie. Why? because man usually think about gain and like i mentioned before they think Indonesian movie not worthy to watch in theater.

Okay now let talks about the movie, spoiler alert. Laskar Pelangi have plot backward-forward, and the movie is story is tell from lkal one of the Laskar Pelangi. Ikal tell how hard to keep school alive for poor people. The process to keep school alive for people, its begin when the school need ten people to make the school open. And then continue with their problem to go to school, and as the film go the problem then continue with love story from Ikal . But it’s not just about a problem and the story tell about their Carnaval event that show geniuses in music from Mahar, and then story continue with origin of the Laskar Pelangi name, and then the eleventh join Laskar Pelangi. And story continue with a problem when one of the teacher leave and then continue with dead of the principal. And then the story tell about their persistent to keep learning in school and continue with their Cerdas Cermat event that show geniuses from Lintang. And sad that one of them must leave Laskar Pelangi. And then the story jump to several year forward and tell how they life are now.

Overall it’s worth it to watch this movie because the story is good, educating, and the music is good. Laskar Pelangi tell people to reach their dream in the sky without worry, tell to give all not to take all, and tell to be the best no matter what your problem.


What is karma? karma is effect or reaction from our act, if we doing good thing then we will get reward and if we doing bad thing then we will ger punishment. It is just like when we plant corn seed we will get corn plant not strawberry plant. Then we will curious there are any act don’t effect anything, ofcourse every act will have their own reaction but one act can nullify other effect of our previous act because every act have it’s own price. So, Karma have their own weight and there are very bad Karma it’s called Garuka Karma. If someone do Garuka Karma then will reincarnate in Avici Hell, the most fear Hell, example of Garuka Karma is killed your own parent.

Actually when we born? where we born? Which Family is we born? it’s because our previous karma. But we will questioning why if we doing something good then why something good not happen. It’s because Karma have it own time to bloom, it can be short, it can be long or even in our other life. So, we will not waiting something is bloom, but just always do good thing. Because we don’t know when disaster happen. So, presence of someone in disaster or not present from disaster is actually real example of Karma. Because we often hearing people that just coincidence leave from disaster before it’s start or arrive after disaster is happen it is not a miracle but it is a good karma is bloom. Or sometimes we hear people trap in disaster it is not because they are evil but just because their bad karma is bloom.

End of the word, just do good deed and wait it to bloom. And who knows we will survive a disaster.


My Friend Bayu had tagged me, so i write this post.

The rules

1. Each blogger must post these rules
2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.

It’s Mine:
1. Curious like a baby.
2. Moody like temperature change.
3. Love Justice like a Superman.
4. Food Lover like a Jamie Oliver.
5. Like to try new thing like a kid.
6. Can’t live without computer like a Dr. J. Ross Quinlan.
7. Loves to Swim like a Michael Phelps.
8. Loves to Play Game like a Leeroy Jenkins.
9. Loves to see Sky like a bird.
10. Love to see Water like a fish.

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