My First Monkey Love

When i’m driving home then my heart flooding by my past love and i decide to make my love life into post. Because i want to remember what lesson that i learn from them, and maybe you can learn by reading my stories. My first monkey love it’s happen when i’m in elementary school, and i can’t remember exactly in what level but i think it is in 3rd level.

The story began when i’m in 3rd level and i just hate school that time because the headmaster is ask the student which is they take a bath in the morning. And she asked me often then i will answer honestly that i don’t take a bath, so she will make comment of that and people will avoid me that day.

It change when the new classmate name Nadia Hutagalung came, although her name like the name of the famous model but is not her. She is mixed from asia and australia and mixed people usually very beautiful, but i just hope to be her friend at that time. Then it just like dream come true when teacher put her in same desk with me

She is a bright and kind person. Although she is a girl but she act like boy and have her hair cut short. In the class, i must share my book with her because she came in the middle of cawu and she doesn’t have the same book that we use in class. Also i must lend her my note so she can catch up with the lesson, and sometimes i explain the lesson in my note to her.

And then i really like come to school and felt sad when school is over. With the time goes, we became close friend and i’m feel like world smiling to me just by having her as friend. But what i don’t aware at that time is somewhere in my heart emerged seeds of love. And i feel if it is last forever then i can handle all the problem.

But when i just feel it will last forever, then come bad news that she must move back to australia because her father must move back. She arrange the farewell party in her place in Renon for classmate but i don’t come. Because i think by ignore it maybe she will not really going to australia, but she really going to australia.

Then i feel there is hole in my heart and life is like hell again in school. So i decided not to give all my heart to someone and build wall around my heart. So people will not easily come to my heart and i will not feel very hurt because lose all the love i give. And life goes on and i forgot about her until i’m in high school. That is my first monkey love story end.

After remembering again about that story then i know why i studied really hard and forgot about love. Then i realized that i need to open my heart and remove the wall so people can reach me and i can reach them. But it is hard to change cause i live with it long time but i tried and that have heal but still leave little mark in my heart.

Today it make me feel regret that i don’t come in farewell party because i want to say my feeling to her so i can know what she feel about me and i can’t take the thought maybe she hate me with my absent. I just hope someday i will met her again and ask forgiveness about my selfishness. If you by chance met her and i will really thankful if you let me know how to contact her or even you make we met again.

Happy Love and Lose Love“.

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