23 September

It’s a busy week for me, since yesterday i had training in Minbol. And I had a task that must finished by tommorow, and the task is still not going anywhere. So, maybe this week i will stop blogging. After the bad news there are also good news. The good news is Darren Shan Novel is out in bookstore last week. This novel is about Darren Shan which is become prince of vampire because he want to save his friend, Steve. But turn out there are miscomunication and Steve thinks Darren Shan is betray him. And then Steve is want to revenge him and become Vampinese. This story is very good, i hope you will read it too.

Tong Ciu Pia

This tradition is actually a Fall Festival. The Fall Festival is come in date 15 month 8 in candra sengkala calender, in this day the moon at the fullest round shape, or it is call full moon. This event just happen once in a year, so people celebrate it by eat moon cake with family while saw the moon. There are many story that tell about background of this Festival, and one of them is :

In era which is there are 10 sun in earth, there are an archer god, Hou Yi with his wife Chang E ordered by God of the god to help people in earth because they are suffering from hot that come from 10 sun. Then Hou Yi instruct the 10 sun to come up one by one a day, but them ignoring the order. And then Hou Yi shoot one by one the sun, soon there are just one sun and the human thanks the god because now they not suffering again. But this meritorius make some of the god is jealous and slandering Hou Yi, and because the God of the god is believe it.

So, they are punished to live in earth. Hou Yi and Chang E live in earth by hunting the animal, and someday there are news about medicine that can make them to go to heaven. Then Hou YI find the medicine but this is just for one person, so he keep it home, because he love his wife and not want to be seperated. The day is goes on until someday Chang E accidentally found it and drink the medicine, so the Chang E is goes to heaven and live in Moon Kingdom.

Then Hou Yi and Chang E feel sad about this because they seperated now, and then Chang E ask the God of the god to allow her to be together with Hou Yi in heaven. The God of the god not accepted the request and say because  love between Hou Yi and you is true,  i will alow you be with Hou Yi when the Moon is at the nearest position on earth (it is in day 15 month 8), but after that you will be in moon kingdom and Hou Yi in earth again. Then Chang E accept that offer. So, people on earth celebrate that by eating moon cake with saw the moon, because thanks for their help and celebrate the day when Hou YI an Chang E meet.

And this day is Tong Ciu Pia, so we can celebrate it with eat moon cake with family, and remember meritous of Hou Yi and Chang E. Happy Tong CIu Pia Day.

source : various source

Hello world!

Hello World!!!

This word is so common in programming world, even so i don’t know why must hello world, not the other word. But our main topic is not how common this word in programming world, but reason why i created this blog. First reason, i create this blog is i have so many time without doing nothing in office. Second reason is eventually i interested in blogging after i have new way to celebrate day, and i think i need diary to record event in my life. And Tada, here i am now.