Robot Hamster

Cute Robot Hamster
Cute Robot Hamster

Sega Toys now announced they will start selling a robotic hamster starting August 8th. The company plans to produce no less than 100,000 units yearly. Sega Toys says their main target group are not kids, but females between 20 and 40 years old (at least in Japan).

Dubbed Yume Hamusutaa (Dream Hamster), the robot will start moving when you take it into the palm of your hand. And it looks cute – very. Three versions of the thing will be available: a Golden hamster, a so-called Roborovski hamster and the Winter White Russian Dwarf hamster (which really exists).

The 3.5-inch hamster will cost $11 each and is Japan-only at this point.

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Moving to New Cubicle

Yesterday I’m suppose moving to new cubicle, but yesterday my new cubicle is still occupied and my PC is stored in meeting room called Bima. So actually today I’m moving to new cubicle. First impression when moving to my new cubicle is oh my god I’m back with CRT Monitor. Then when i want to assemble my PC, a problem occurred. The problem is my monitor cable is missing, so i ask the ITS to provide it. Then after some time the ITS is coming and Ta Da my PC is on again. And then i start to blogging and accidentally I’m aware that my new cubicle now is very cold. And because I’m very cold then I’m looking around and then i realize that my place is in the center of the room, so everyone will know what I’m doing. Oh no my new cubicle is not strategic to doing something not related to work like watching movie, playing game, and browsing. It is not like my old cubicle which is a place that warm, in the corner of the room, and strategic to doing something not related to work. when i grudge about my new cubicle then pop up a wisdom word. The wisdom word is “when God closed one door for you, actually God Open one door also, so don’t just look for one door“. In other word is mean that never look back just moving forward, so life must go on i think. And then i congrats my self “welcome to new cubicle, wish you happy”.

16 September

16 September 1975, Papua New Guinea gain its independence from Australia. Papua New Guinea is a country located north of Australia, and east of Indonesia. Papua New Guinea area is 462,840 km2 (178,704 sq mi), Papua New Guinea is the world’s fifty-fourth largest country Papua New Guinea occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, with Irian Jaya on the western half. The country is divided into 20 provinces and is possibly the most culturally diverse on earth, with over 700 languages and tribes from a population of just under 6 million people, many of which remain untouched by outside influence.

Province in Papua New Guinea
Province in Papua New Guinea

There are three official languages for Papua New Guinea. English is an official language, and is the language of government and the education system, but it is not widely spoken. The primary lingua franca of the country is Tok Pisin, in which much of the debate in Parliament is conducted, many information campaigns and advertisements are presented, and until recently a national newspaper, Wantok, was published. The only area where Tok Pisin is not prevalent is the southern region of Papua, where people often use the third official language, Hiri Motu

Now Papua New Guinea is conducted by Michael Somare, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea’s climate is tropical, as one would expect in a country located just south of the Equator. December to March is the wet season, although occasional rain falls year-round. While Port Moresby, the capital, and other towns on the coast are quite hot in the summer months, temperatures are considerable cooler in the Highlands. July, August, and September are the best months for trekking vacations.

Nearly 85 percent of the main island is carpeted with tropical rain forest, containing vegetation that is a combination of Asian and Australian species. The country is also home to an impressive variety of exotic birds, including virtually all of the known species of birds of paradise, and it is blessed with more kinds of orchids than any other country. The main religion in Papua New Guinea is Christian, although many citizens combine their Christian faith with some pre-Christian traditional indigenous practices. Papua New Guinea Flag is :

Flag Picture
Flag Picture

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Lump of Buffalo Excrement Wisdom

If Someday in your home you get a Lump of Buffalo Excrement from your neighbor that you never talk with, what is first cross in your mind? your neighbor is hate you, or your neighbor is just care.
Please answer first before read more.

You must choose before continuing.

Your Response to this problem is actually show mindset of your mind. if your mindset is negative, you will choose your neighbor is hate you because you think Lump of Buffalo Excrement is an insult from your neighbor and your neighbor give it to make your life hard . But if your mindset is positive, you will choose your neighbor is just care because you think Lump of Buffalo Excrement will make your garden become wonderful and your neighbor give it to show their attention.

The Lump of Buffalo Excrement Wisdom is “what you choose is that is really matter, not what is people think”

source : Gede Prama

15 September

15 September 1890 , Agatha Christie is born in Torquay. Her original name when born is Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller. Her Parent were Frederick Alvah Miller, a rich American stockbroker, and Clarissa Margaret Boehmer, the English daughter of a British army captain. Christie had a sister, Margaret Frary Miller (1879 – 1950), called Madge, eleven years her senior, and a brother, Louis Montant Miller (1880 – 1929), called Monty, ten years older than Christie. Her father died when she was eleven years old. Her mother taught her at home, encouraging her to write at a very young age. At the age of 16, she went to Mrs Dryden’s finishing school in Paris to study singing and piano.

Her first marriage, an unhappy one, was in 1914 to Colonel Archibald Christie, an aviator in the Royal Flying Corps. The couple had one daughter, Rosalind Hicks. They divorced in 1928, two years after Agatha discovered her husband was having an affair. It was during this marriage that she published her first novel in 1920, The Mysterious Affair at Styles. During World War I she worked at a hospital and then a pharmacy, a job that influenced her work. Many of the murders in her books are carried out with poison.

In 1930, Christie married the archaeologist Sir Max Mallowan. Mallowan was 14 years younger than Christie, and a Roman Catholic, while she was of the Anglican faith. Their marriage was happy in the early years, and endured despite Mallowan’s many affairs in later life, notably with Barbara Parker, whom he married in 1977, the year after Christie’s death.

In 1971 she was made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Agatha Christie died on 12 January 1976, at age 85, from natural causes, at Winterbrook House in the north of Cholsey parish, adjoining Wallingford in Oxfordshire (formerly Berkshire). She is buried in the nearby St. Mary’s Churchyard in Cholsey.

Christie’s only child, Rosalind Hicks, died on 28 October 2004, also aged 85, from natural causes. Christie’s grandson, Mathew Prichard, was heir to the copyright to some of his grandmother’s literary work (including The Mousetrap) and is still associated with Agatha Christie Limited.

Agatha Christie’s first novel The Mysterious Affair at Styles was published in 1920 and introduced the long-running character detective Hercule Poirot, who appeared in 33 of Christie’s novels and 54 short stories.

Her other well known character, Miss Marple, was introduced in The Murder at the Vicarage in 1930, and was based on Christie’s grandmother.

Agatha Christie was revered as a master of suspense, plotting and characterization by most of her contemporaries and, even today, her stories have received glowing reviews in most literary circles. Fellow crime writer Anthony Berkeley Cox was an admitted fan of her work, once saying that nobody can write an Agatha Christie novel but the authoress herself.

This is one of my favorite writer, and she known as Agatha Christie when she wrote detective novel. But she known as Mary Westmacott when wrote roman novel. Christie has been called the best-selling writer of books of all time and the best-selling writer of any kind, along with William Shakespeare by Guinness Book of World Records. Only the Bible is known to have outsold her collected sales of roughly four billion copies of novels. UNESCO states that she is currently the most translated individual author in the world with only the collective corporate works of Walt Disney Productions surpassing her because Christie’s books have been translated into (at least) 56 languages.

Her stage play, The Mousetrap, holds the record for the longest initial run in the world, opening at the Ambassadors Theater in London on 25 November 1952, and as of 2008 is still running after more than 23,000 performances. In 1955, Christie was the first recipient of the Mystery Writers of America’s highest honor, the Grand Master Award, and in the same year, Witness for the Prosecution was given an Edgar Award by the MWA, for Best Play. Most of her books and short stories have been filmed, some many times over (Murder on the Orient Express, Death on the Nile and 4.50 From Paddington for instance), and many have been adapted for television, radio, video games and comics.

In 1968, Booker Books, a subsidiary of the agri-industrial conglomerate Booker-McConnell, bought a 51% stake in Agatha Christie Limited, the private company that Christie had set up for tax reasons. Booker later increased its stake to 64%. In 1998, Booker sold its shares to Chorion, a company whose portfolio also includes the literary estates of Enid Blyton and Denis Wheatley

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Tong Ciu Pia

This tradition is actually a Fall Festival. The Fall Festival is come in date 15 month 8 in candra sengkala calender, in this day the moon at the fullest round shape, or it is call full moon. This event just happen once in a year, so people celebrate it by eat moon cake with family while saw the moon. There are many story that tell about background of this Festival, and one of them is :

In era which is there are 10 sun in earth, there are an archer god, Hou Yi with his wife Chang E ordered by God of the god to help people in earth because they are suffering from hot that come from 10 sun. Then Hou Yi instruct the 10 sun to come up one by one a day, but them ignoring the order. And then Hou Yi shoot one by one the sun, soon there are just one sun and the human thanks the god because now they not suffering again. But this meritorius make some of the god is jealous and slandering Hou Yi, and because the God of the god is believe it.

So, they are punished to live in earth. Hou Yi and Chang E live in earth by hunting the animal, and someday there are news about medicine that can make them to go to heaven. Then Hou YI find the medicine but this is just for one person, so he keep it home, because he love his wife and not want to be seperated. The day is goes on until someday Chang E accidentally found it and drink the medicine, so the Chang E is goes to heaven and live in Moon Kingdom.

Then Hou Yi and Chang E feel sad about this because they seperated now, and then Chang E ask the God of the god to allow her to be together with Hou Yi in heaven. The God of the god not accepted the request and say because  love between Hou Yi and you is true,  i will alow you be with Hou Yi when the Moon is at the nearest position on earth (it is in day 15 month 8), but after that you will be in moon kingdom and Hou Yi in earth again. Then Chang E accept that offer. So, people on earth celebrate that by eating moon cake with saw the moon, because thanks for their help and celebrate the day when Hou YI an Chang E meet.

And this day is Tong Ciu Pia, so we can celebrate it with eat moon cake with family, and remember meritous of Hou Yi and Chang E. Happy Tong CIu Pia Day.

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14 September

14 September 1960, OPEC is founded in Baghdad. OPEC is akronim of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. The first member of OPEC is just 5 countries which is Arab Saudi, Irak, Iran, Kuwait, and Venezuela. Purpose of this organization is ensuring stabilization of price in international oil market. Actually there is 13 member in 2008, but recently in 10 september 2008 indonesia is officially out from OPEC. Because Indonesia now become oil importir, and indonesia can be member again if Indonesia become oil exportir again.

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Nail Wisdom

Actually this story had been wondering in my mind for 2 days, and now i will tell you. Nail is one toll that very useful for everyday life, it can be used for hanging mirror, hanging painting, connecting two part, and many else. Nail have many variation in size, and shape. But this story not just about about nail, but to make it simple to remember then it will be called Nail Wisdom. The Story is:

One day a child say to his father “father, why i can’t control my emotion?”, and then the father ask “what happened in the school”. The child say “I’m fight with my friend cause he borrowing my pencil without my permission”. And The Father responds “You don’t need to fight to your friend cause you can ask them to give back the pencil. And every time you fight with your friend you must rivet a nail in this fence. So you can know how emotional are you by looking the nail in the fence”. And The Child says “Okay, father but how to calm down your emotion when I’m angry?”. The Father respond “When you angry about something than hold your breath and count down from ten to make it away, but if you still angry you can angry now”.

And then the time goes on and The Child rivet one by one nail in the fence, because he still fight with a friend. And then after sometimes The Child realize that he had many fight and promises to himself not to fight. And the time goes on but the nail is still the same, and the child ask his father again “Father now i can hold my emotion, what can i do to make me feel better because when i saw the nail i feel very sad”. And The Father respond “Okay now if you can hold your emotion then you can retract a nail from this fence, this will make you feel better”. Then the time is goes on and the nail is one by one is retracting from the fence until there are no nail in the fence.

And The Child ask his father “Father there is no nail in the fence what can i do to make me feel better now”. And then the Father say “It’s good that all the nail is gone, but as you can see there are so many holes in the fence, and you can’t do anything to fix it to make it like before. So, next time you will angry you must think twice, because when you angry it will leave a mark in people heart and you can’t do anything to fix it”. Then The Child says “Okay father you make me realize now it’s better not to angry than fix the damage, it make me feel better”.

The Nail Wisdom is “It’s better not to angry to anyone, because it will difficult to repair the damage“.

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13 September

13 September 1985, Game Super Mario Bros is release by Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan. These game is very classic and every veteran gamer had been playing it. In Super Mario Bros, we can choose character to be Mario (red) or Luigi (green). This game have 8 levels and divided by 4 stages. The Storyline is to rescue the prince that kidnapped by King Koopa. Genre of this game is action. The main character had 3 form : small, big, and big with fire. Killing the enemy can be doing by jump to the enemy head, or throw fire to the enemy. But there are special condition when the character take the star then the character can kill the enemy just by touch the enemy for limited time. In each level we must fight the King Koopa in the end of stages.

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Palm Leaf Broom Wisdom

Palm Leaf Broom, i think everyone will confuse if hear this word, but if i say “Sapu Lidi” then everyone in Indonesia will understand. Palm Leaf Broom is one common tool that found in every house in Indonesian people. This tool have many function, like to kill mosquito, to sweep the floor, to clean toilet, and to hit people. And everyone in Indonesia, i think they had hear about this Wisdom, but i will remind you again about this wisdom. The story is like this :

you can break one stick of Palm Leaf Broom, but if you try to break two stick of Palm Leaf Broom it is more harder, even when you try to break Palm Leaf Broom it is need many energy for some people and even it’s impossible to break for some people.

The Palm Leaf  Broom wisdom is “Together we become strong“, in other word it says that we can achieve more result if we go together, than alone.

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