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Palm Leaf Broom Wisdom

Palm Leaf Broom, i think everyone will confuse if hear this word, but if i say “Sapu Lidi” then everyone in Indonesia will understand. Palm Leaf Broom is one common tool that found in every house in Indonesian people. This tool have many function, like to kill mosquito, to sweep the floor, to clean toilet, and to hit people. And everyone in Indonesia, i think they had hear about this Wisdom, but i will remind you again about this wisdom. The story is like this :

you can break one stick of Palm Leaf Broom, but if you try to break two stick of Palm Leaf Broom it is more harder, even when you try to break Palm Leaf Broom it is need many energy for some people and even it’s impossible to break for some people.

The Palm Leaf  Broom wisdom is “Together we become strong“, in other word it says that we can achieve more result if we go together, than alone.

source : various source

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