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Nail Wisdom

Actually this story had been wondering in my mind for 2 days, and now i will tell you. Nail is one toll that very useful for everyday life, it can be used for hanging mirror, hanging painting, connecting two part, and many else. Nail have many variation in size, and shape. But this story not just about about nail, but to make it simple to remember then it will be called Nail Wisdom. The Story is:

One day a child say to his father “father, why i can’t control my emotion?”, and then the father ask “what happened in the school”. The child say “I’m fight with my friend cause he borrowing my pencil without my permission”. And The Father responds “You don’t need to fight to your friend cause you can ask them to give back the pencil. And every time you fight with your friend you must rivet a nail in this fence. So you can know how emotional are you by looking the nail in the fence”. And The Child says “Okay, father but how to calm down your emotion when I’m angry?”. The Father respond “When you angry about something than hold your breath and count down from ten to make it away, but if you still angry you can angry now”.

And then the time goes on and The Child rivet one by one nail in the fence, because he still fight with a friend. And then after sometimes The Child realize that he had many fight and promises to himself not to fight. And the time goes on but the nail is still the same, and the child ask his father again “Father now i can hold my emotion, what can i do to make me feel better because when i saw the nail i feel very sad”. And The Father respond “Okay now if you can hold your emotion then you can retract a nail from this fence, this will make you feel better”. Then the time is goes on and the nail is one by one is retracting from the fence until there are no nail in the fence.

And The Child ask his father “Father there is no nail in the fence what can i do to make me feel better now”. And then the Father say “It’s good that all the nail is gone, but as you can see there are so many holes in the fence, and you can’t do anything to fix it to make it like before. So, next time you will angry you must think twice, because when you angry it will leave a mark in people heart and you can’t do anything to fix it”. Then The Child says “Okay father you make me realize now it’s better not to angry than fix the damage, it make me feel better”.

The Nail Wisdom is “It’s better not to angry to anyone, because it will difficult to repair the damage“.

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