Nail Wisdom

Actually this story had been wondering in my mind for 2 days, and now i will tell you. Nail is one toll that very useful for everyday life, it can be used for hanging mirror, hanging painting, connecting two part, and many else. Nail have many variation in size, and shape. But this story not just about about nail, but to make it simple to remember then it will be called Nail Wisdom. The Story is:

One day a child say to his father “father, why i can’t control my emotion?”, and then the father ask “what happened in the school”. The child say “I’m fight with my friend cause he borrowing my pencil without my permission”. And The Father responds “You don’t need to fight to your friend cause you can ask them to give back the pencil. And every time you fight with your friend you must rivet a nail in this fence. So you can know how emotional are you by looking the nail in the fence”. And The Child says “Okay, father but how to calm down your emotion when I’m angry?”. The Father respond “When you angry about something than hold your breath and count down from ten to make it away, but if you still angry you can angry now”.

And then the time goes on and The Child rivet one by one nail in the fence, because he still fight with a friend. And then after sometimes The Child realize that he had many fight and promises to himself not to fight. And the time goes on but the nail is still the same, and the child ask his father again “Father now i can hold my emotion, what can i do to make me feel better because when i saw the nail i feel very sad”. And The Father respond “Okay now if you can hold your emotion then you can retract a nail from this fence, this will make you feel better”. Then the time is goes on and the nail is one by one is retracting from the fence until there are no nail in the fence.

And The Child ask his father “Father there is no nail in the fence what can i do to make me feel better now”. And then the Father say “It’s good that all the nail is gone, but as you can see there are so many holes in the fence, and you can’t do anything to fix it to make it like before. So, next time you will angry you must think twice, because when you angry it will leave a mark in people heart and you can’t do anything to fix it”. Then The Child says “Okay father you make me realize now it’s better not to angry than fix the damage, it make me feel better”.

The Nail Wisdom is “It’s better not to angry to anyone, because it will difficult to repair the damage“.

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Palm Leaf Broom Wisdom

Palm Leaf Broom, i think everyone will confuse if hear this word, but if i say “Sapu Lidi” then everyone in Indonesia will understand. Palm Leaf Broom is one common tool that found in every house in Indonesian people. This tool have many function, like to kill mosquito, to sweep the floor, to clean toilet, and to hit people. And everyone in Indonesia, i think they had hear about this Wisdom, but i will remind you again about this wisdom. The story is like this :

you can break one stick of Palm Leaf Broom, but if you try to break two stick of Palm Leaf Broom it is more harder, even when you try to break Palm Leaf Broom it is need many energy for some people and even it’s impossible to break for some people.

The Palm Leaf  Broom wisdom is “Together we become strong“, in other word it says that we can achieve more result if we go together, than alone.

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Cake Wisdom

This morning i ran out of idea than i ask my colleague about idea, he tell his worries to me. And then this cake wisdom is suddenly pop up in my mind. Cake is an delicious food to eat, specially when eat in special day like birthday, date, celebration, graduation, etc. There are many cake variety in flavor, shape, and material. And people have their favorite cake but for me cake that delicious is made from tiramisu. But the Cake Wisdom came from the process to made a cake, and the story is like this:

A little girl tell her mother about her worries “why everyone have their best?” and then her mother say “little girl let’s we made a cake, it’s will make your feeling better”. And then they prepare the ingredients for the cake: flour, egg, and chocolate powder. After prepare the ingredients, the mother ask “please taste this flour”, and the little girl taste and say “it’s taste like flavorless”. “Okay” say the mother and her ask more “please taste this egg”. Then the little girl taste the egg and say ” it’s taste like stench”. “Okay” and her ask more “please taste this chocolate powder”. Then the little girl taste the chocolate powder and say “it’s taste like chocolate but it’s more bitter”. “Okay” say the mother, and then they continue to mix the flour and egg. And the mother ask “please taste this mixed material” and the little girl taste. Then she say “it’s taste like foam but it’s more delicious”. “Okay” say the mother, and they continue mix with chocolate powder. And again the mother ask “please taste this mixed material” and the little girl taste. Then she say “it’s taste like candy and it’s the most delicious taste”. The mother say “Okay, but you still need to wait”, and the mother fill cake print with the mixed material. And then she baked it in the oven, the little girl is rush the mother to show the most delicious taste, and she says “You need to wait until it’s finished or the taste will bad”. After sometimes, the cake is ready and then the mother take the cake out from oven. Then she say please taste the cake, and the little girl taste it. Then she says “you right mother this is the most delicious taste”, and the mother say “That right, little girl you just need to be patient , because god will give our best on the right time, you can’t rush it cause it will make it worse like when we made the cake”. The girl cry and says “okay mother, i will not jealous with other people, and just enjoy my time”

The Cake Wisdom is “you can’t rush thing, because it will be wonderful when the time is right

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Bamboo Wisdom

This day i have difficulty to find wisdom in this day because yesterday my colleague had their stream call. It shows that i have a lack of wisdom because I’m jealous with their call which is if i have wisdom, i will be happy with their call and hope the best for them. But after all I’m just human seek for wisdom in every day life and hope someday i have all wisdom to understand all problem in my life. So i will take wisdom of this day from my childhood memory, Bamboo.

Bamboo is a uncommon plant we see in daily life, but actually bamboo is delicious food for human and bamboo is common to use in everyday human life. Even Bamboo is crucial for one animal, panda because without them they will extinct. But the wisdom is not come from this matter, actually the wisdom came from this story:

When Heavy Storm happen in jungle, it’s leave trace with topple trees after the storm is passed, but we will not saw bamboo trees is down. Why this is happen? actually the reason is easily described. Bamboo trees is not topple in heavy storm because in the storm Bamboo trees follow the flow of wind in storm, not just like other plant which is topple. Because other plant is counteract the storm to stand still, and if the power of other plant is weaker than the wind, it make the plant is topple.

So the Bamboo Wisdom is “you must always adaptation with situation if you want to success”

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Grasshopper Wisdom

This morning when i driving my car to office and think about write elephant wisdom that pop up yesterday, suddenly this thought of grasshopper pop up in my mind. Grasshopper is an unique animal because the female grasshopper will take the head of the male grasshopper after making baby with male grasshopper. And The Grasshopper movement had been influenced master of kungfu to make style in kungfu based on the movement. But like usual that not thought flow from my mind, the thought is:

if we capture grasshopper and put in the box. The Grasshopper will trying to breakthrough with jump in the box. The Grasshopper will always jump in the box and make noisy sound, and after sometime the Grasshopper jump will fit in the box and we will not hear the sound. Because the Grasshopper think “It’s my limit of jump and  i can’t jump more than this if don’t want to be hurt“. So, if we open top of the box the Grasshopper will not breakthrough from the box because the Grasshopper jump will limited to height of the box now.

so the Grasshopper Wisdom is “don’t limit capability of you”. Because you will not know what you can do until you testing your limit time after time, and maybe sometimes you will amaze what you can do.

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Elephant Wisdom

In afternoon after office hour, this thought of elephant from story i hear long ago just pop up in my mind. Elephant is an animal that have great memory. So, be careful when you in contact with them just don’t make them angry. And if you just happen make them angry just make sure you don’t see them again because the will mad at you, even can kill you. But as usual is not the thought that pop up, and the thought is :

Elephant in a circus is usually tied by a rope that can be broken easily. But the Elephant don’t break the rope and stay in circus. You must be thinking how this can happen?  the reason is when the Elephant still child he tied with a iron chain, and the Child Elephant trying to break the iron chain with all the power. Of course, the Child Elephant can’t break the chain because still lack of power. And the Child Elephant always trying to break the chain until someday the Elephant think “if there are something tied in my foot, i can’t break it” so the Elephant now calm down and never try to breaking  again. And the Elephant Tamer think now the time to change the iron chain with rope, because the Elephant is give up to try.

so the Elephant Wisdom is “never give up to try”. Because you will get what you want if you just trying, and you will regret if you give up to try.

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Mosquito Wisdom

In a way to office, that thought just eventually exist in my mind. Mosquito is a very unique bug because it cannot have AIDS even tough it’s suck human blood from AIDS person. So maybe vaccine from AIDS can be come from this animal. But that not thought came in my mind, thought that came my mind is :

if mosquito suck blood it will suck until the mosquito is full, and that will affect the flying maneuver. if mosquito full it will hard to maneuver in flying, and then it will become death, because person which is bite by them will kill them.

So the mosquito wisdom is “don’t be a greedy person because it will kill you”.