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This morning i ran out of idea than i ask my colleague about idea, he tell his worries to me. And then this cake wisdom is suddenly pop up in my mind. Cake is an delicious food to eat, specially when eat in special day like birthday, date, celebration, graduation, etc. There are many cake variety in flavor, shape, and material. And people have their favorite cake but for me cake that delicious is made from tiramisu. But the Cake Wisdom came from the process to made a cake, and the story is like this:

A little girl tell her mother about her worries “why everyone have their best?” and then her mother say “little girl let’s we made a cake, it’s will make your feeling better”. And then they prepare the ingredients for the cake: flour, egg, and chocolate powder. After prepare the ingredients, the mother ask “please taste this flour”, and the little girl taste and say “it’s taste like flavorless”. “Okay” say the mother and her ask more “please taste this egg”. Then the little girl taste the egg and say ” it’s taste like stench”. “Okay” and her ask more “please taste this chocolate powder”. Then the little girl taste the chocolate powder and say “it’s taste like chocolate but it’s more bitter”. “Okay” say the mother, and then they continue to mix the flour and egg. And the mother ask “please taste this mixed material” and the little girl taste. Then she say “it’s taste like foam but it’s more delicious”. “Okay” say the mother, and they continue mix with chocolate powder. And again the mother ask “please taste this mixed material” and the little girl taste. Then she say “it’s taste like candy and it’s the most delicious taste”. The mother say “Okay, but you still need to wait”, and the mother fill cake print with the mixed material. And then she baked it in the oven, the little girl is rush the mother to show the most delicious taste, and she says “You need to wait until it’s finished or the taste will bad”. After sometimes, the cake is ready and then the mother take the cake out from oven. Then she say please taste the cake, and the little girl taste it. Then she says “you right mother this is the most delicious taste”, and the mother say “That right, little girl you just need to be patient , because god will give our best on the right time, you can’t rush it cause it will make it worse like when we made the cake”. The girl cry and says “okay mother, i will not jealous with other people, and just enjoy my time”

The Cake Wisdom is “you can’t rush thing, because it will be wonderful when the time is right

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Yups, everything’s had it’s time.
When the time is come.
I’m sure that it’s the best time to come.
Like you said before, “You just need to be patient” and “Enjoy the time”.

Thx den, it helpful 🙂

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