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Bamboo Wisdom

This day i have difficulty to find wisdom in this day because yesterday my colleague had their stream call. It shows that i have a lack of wisdom because I’m jealous with their call which is if i have wisdom, i will be happy with their call and hope the best for them. But after all I’m just human seek for wisdom in every day life and hope someday i have all wisdom to understand all problem in my life. So i will take wisdom of this day from my childhood memory, Bamboo.

Bamboo is a uncommon plant we see in daily life, but actually bamboo is delicious food for human and bamboo is common to use in everyday human life. Even Bamboo is crucial for one animal, panda because without them they will extinct. But the wisdom is not come from this matter, actually the wisdom came from this story:

When Heavy Storm happen in jungle, it’s leave trace with topple trees after the storm is passed, but we will not saw bamboo trees is down. Why this is happen? actually the reason is easily described. Bamboo trees is not topple in heavy storm because in the storm Bamboo trees follow the flow of wind in storm, not just like other plant which is topple. Because other plant is counteract the storm to stand still, and if the power of other plant is weaker than the wind, it make the plant is topple.

So the Bamboo Wisdom is “you must always adaptation with situation if you want to success”

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I think that you mean as bamboo wisdom just like taichi concept ( may be,just guess). It’s a nice blog. please teach me english,hehehhe…

@dewak thanks for coming, yes bamboo wisdom is like taichi but it’s in the mind and taichi in physic. thanks for your compliment, I’m still learn English too by writing blog, maybe you can try to make blog. 😀

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