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Mosquito Wisdom

In a way to office, that thought just eventually exist in my mind. Mosquito is a very unique bug because it cannot have AIDS even tough it’s suck human blood from AIDS person. So maybe vaccine from AIDS can be come from this animal. But that not thought came in my mind, thought that came my mind is :

if mosquito suck blood it will suck until the mosquito is full, and that will affect the flying maneuver. if mosquito full it will hard to maneuver in flying, and then it will become death, because person which is bite by them will kill them.

So the mosquito wisdom is “don’t be a greedy person because it will kill you”.

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Hi mr. shinichi kudo 😀

I have a liitle question in my mind, if it suck the blood from an HIV positive person then it suck again an normal person.. can the normal person “terjangkit” that virus?

i agree that a fat mosquito is easier to be killed. but the horror part is that the blood (mine, actually) will flow all out from it’s butt.. hiks..

@bydt it’s a pleasure i can’t get, because just yesterday i’m bited by mosquito and actually the mosquito wisdom is come from that event.

@cyrene funny thought of horror, but you just take your blood back 😀

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