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Grasshopper Wisdom

This morning when i driving my car to office and think about write elephant wisdom that pop up yesterday, suddenly this thought of grasshopper pop up in my mind. Grasshopper is an unique animal because the female grasshopper will take the head of the male grasshopper after making baby with male grasshopper. And The Grasshopper movement had been influenced master of kungfu to make style in kungfu based on the movement. But like usual that not thought flow from my mind, the thought is:

if we capture grasshopper and put in the box. The Grasshopper will trying to breakthrough with jump in the box. The Grasshopper will always jump in the box and make noisy sound, and after sometime the Grasshopper jump will fit in the box and we will not hear the sound. Because the Grasshopper think “It’s my limit of jump and  i can’t jump more than this if don’t want to be hurt“. So, if we open top of the box the Grasshopper will not breakthrough from the box because the Grasshopper jump will limited to height of the box now.

so the Grasshopper Wisdom is “don’t limit capability of you”. Because you will not know what you can do until you testing your limit time after time, and maybe sometimes you will amaze what you can do.

source : various source

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