Miracle, key to keep faith

This entry is part 13 of 14 in the series ABC of Wisdom

When we in a disaster then we will try our best to keep our life if we think there is hope that miracle will happen and we will survive the disaster. But if we think there is no miracle will happen and we will die soon, so we will lose faith and actually it eventually will happen because we don’t try to keep our life. Or when we have problem that look like it never solved and it’s haunted our life, just keep your faith that problem will solved cause miracle is happen. And miracle just happen to person that believe that miracle is real, and then just wait to happen. Cause when you really hope and believe it than nature will give respond. Then is up to you to take the chance or just let it go, and if you take the chance then miracle will come to your life. Keep believing and then miracle happen.

Love, key to feel peace

This entry is part 12 of 14 in the series ABC of Wisdom

Love is hard to explain but not love is easy to explain. Because not loving is will always come up with hatred or not care. And to express hatred is easy you can scold people, kick people, ignore people or even worse you can kill people. But our topic is love, and love is many kind depend on our relation with other. Love to our child, love to our spouse, love to our family, love to our country, love to our friend, but greatest love is love to humanity. Love is hard to give cause it can be wrong interpreted or wrong understand. Like when we want to help clean our spouse table but our spouse is angry cause our spouse hard to find the important notes or we want to help our child to happy by giving them present but they don’t like it cause it not toy they like. But by giving love to everyone you will be feel peace in mind cause you don’t keep hatred in your heart and you can eat, or do something without worry. And we must choose carefully to giving love cause it can be wrong understood or interpreted but not afraid to giving love.

Lets spread your love to everyone

Keen, key to escape danger

This entry is part 11 of 14 in the series ABC of Wisdom

Everyday we heard and read in news that people being  robbed, stolen, killed, pick-pocketed, injured, had accident, and other bad thing happen. And when we look more deeply we know that actually almost all the danger can be avoided if we more keen to situation. But also there is danger that just happen and we can’t avoided, for this danger we just can pray and hope that not happen. But for danger can be avoided, then we must try harder to avoid, like this example: we pass the quiet street to make come home faster, but in the middle of the street, then from nowhere came a robber and threat our life to take our valuables, or when we being stolen it’s because we don’t put our valuables carefully and so on. So to avoid this danger we need keen mind and by having it we will less encounter danger. Because with keen mind we will know something is not right before it’s happen and we can take another action and the danger is passed. So, let keep your mind keen to help you out of danger.

Joy, key to achieve success

This entry is part 10 of 14 in the series ABC of Wisdom

why there is successful people and unsuccessful people in the world? we feel jealous when we see successful person and feel ashamed when we not success. But actually what is the difference between successful and unsuccessful person in work? of course it  is a joy in the work we do. With joy in work we do, we will give our best effort to do the job and do the best work we can. But if it is no joy in the work we will just do the job. The result of the work will be different just by there is joy or not in the work. It’s like people who love fishing, they will know when it’s tide, where to find the fish, cause they have joy in their work. But people always afraid to do what they love in the job cause they afraid the job is not pay enough and it’s not right cause you will enjoy your job and you will rocket your income. So, Let’s chase joy in your work.

Happy chasing job of your dream.

Insight, key to solve problem

This entry is part 9 of 14 in the series ABC of Wisdom

Problem always happen to everyone and can be easy, or it’s very hard. And problem can take long time if we don’t know how to solve, and sometimes it make our life worse. And sometimes people thinking the easy way which is run from the problem but as you know it will always come then it will be mountain of problem. So it’s better to solve problem when it’s little. But we can find people which is look like almost not have problem, what they have? Insight, ability to perceive clearly of something. Then to have insight we must practice with easy problem first and we must use logic not emotion. And soon you will have the ability.

Happy Practice.

Habit, key to improve life

This entry is part 8 of 14 in the series ABC of Wisdom

As we know we hard to change our habit, so we must have a good habit at the first. to have good habit we must know what is it good or bad habit. Bad habit is drink or eat something that make our awareness down, use drugs, gamble, do asusila(cheat with other person) thing. And good habit is do sport regular, sleep well, not smoking, not gamble, not use drugs,  and so on. With good habit we can make our life value better cause we are healthy. So how to have good habit? to have a habit we must do one thing every day until it automatically happen. It like when you take a bath usually you must do the same thing and you not aware of that, or when you eating you always do the same way to eat and use same technical to grab the spoon or fork. So easy to have good habit just do good act until it is automatically happen.

Happy trying to have good habit and throw bad habit

Gratitude, key to feel happy

This entry is part 7 of 14 in the series ABC of Wisdom

When we are in bad condition like poor, fired, break up, and other bad condition, usually we forgot to express our gratitude to god that we still life and can do thing. But it is weird even when we in good condition like rich, promoted, hook up and other good condition, we still forget to express our gratitude to god for good thing happen in our life. So gratitude is not related to our condition but to our mind, which is if we awaken then we will always express our gratitude to god for bad or good thing happen in our life. And by show your gratitude to god slowly we will increase our wisdom capacity, which is to find positive thing from our life. Later we can show our gratitude not just to god but to people in our life to show thank you, and we will know how important they are to our life.

Lets try to express gratitude to god.

Friend, key to make meaning life

This entry is part 6 of 14 in the series ABC of Wisdom

Friend is very important for us when we want to do something, because we are not 100% all the time and if we are down, we need someone to keep our spirit high and reminded about our goal. But the other effect of friend is if your friend is cruel person then you will be change little by little to become cruel without your consent. if your friend is hard worker then you will slowly become hard worker too if you are lazy before, and if your friend love to play game then you will become gamer too. It’s true when we become friend then we have something in common but you need to choose friend carefully because friend have great effect to your life. So, when we want to make our life full of meaning find friend that good for us but in other hand we also don’t need to be picky when making friend.

Happy make friend

Eager, key to achieve everything

This entry is part 5 of 14 in the series ABC of Wisdom

Eager is strong emotion to do something very likely happen and it came from your heart without any pressure from other people. Eager is not just wish, eager is not just high spirit, eager is not just courage, eager is not just want or going to  and also eager is not just do the work best. But it must be light from inside, not because something affected you to do the job and is not always be the best work but it always become the best effort from you. So what kind of eager do you need to achieve wisdom. Of course that is  eager to help people and eager to do right thing. Cause we are what we do and we do what we think, so slowly we collect piece of wisdom by do the right thing and one day we can harvest the result of the act which is wisdom.

Happy trying, and before i forgot “Happy Pagerwesi day”

Death, key to understand life

This entry is part 4 of 14 in the series ABC of Wisdom

Death is one event that will always come to anyone, and it will cause people react differently when we know it will come. Sometimes people fear it will come, sometimes hope it come soon but will be fear if it will come, sometimes people ignore it, something people will do good act when near death, but rarely people think it is common if something that had life will become death. Death itself have great effect to our life so just by thinking when it will come and how we react when is come will make us more understand of life. But it not must our death, we can look from other people death and take the advantage from it.

Good bye Mbah Surip, Creator of Tak Gendong Song.