Wise Thought

Keen, key to escape danger

Everyday we heard and read in news that people beingĀ  robbed, stolen, killed, pick-pocketed, injured, had accident, and other bad thing happen. And when we look more deeply we know that actually almost all the danger can be avoided if we more keen to situation. But also there is danger that just happen and we can’t avoided, for this danger we just can pray and hope that not happen. But for danger can be avoided, then we must try harder to avoid, like this example: we pass the quiet street to make come home faster, but in the middle of the street, then from nowhere came a robber and threat our life to take our valuables, or when we being stolen it’s because we don’t put our valuables carefully and so on. So to avoid this danger we need keen mind and by having it we will less encounter danger. Because with keen mind we will know something is not right before it’s happen and we can take another action and the danger is passed. So, let keep your mind keen to help you out of danger.

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