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Habit, key to improve life

As we know we hard to change our habit, so we must have a good habit at the first. to have good habit we must know what is it good or bad habit. Bad habit is drink or eat something that make our awareness down, use drugs, gamble, do asusila(cheat with other person) thing. And good habit is do sport regular, sleep well, not smoking, not gamble, not use drugs,  and so on. With good habit we can make our life value better cause we are healthy. So how to have good habit? to have a habit we must do one thing every day until it automatically happen. It like when you take a bath usually you must do the same thing and you not aware of that, or when you eating you always do the same way to eat and use same technical to grab the spoon or fork. So easy to have good habit just do good act until it is automatically happen.

Happy trying to have good habit and throw bad habit

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